Cosmic Consciousness and the Lion’s Gate Portal

The Lion’s Gate Portal re-opened Yesterday

This Stargate Portal is once again filling our planetary energy grid, human hearts and subtle bodies with encoded Light Frequencies.

Image of lion at the lion's gate portalThese Light Frequencies, that come through the Lion’s Gate Portal, come from way out in the Cosmos at the Central Sun and source of All That Is. Once the Stargate/Portal opens, the Light from the Central Sun passes through our Sun and then through Sirius. As it does so our subtle bodies are pulsed by the Light and flooded with new frequencies. These frequencies activate a deep cleansing that affects our minds, bodies and cosmic heart.

When the Light enters the Earth grid point near the Sphinx and Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt, it moves down and out, across and through our planet’s subtle bodies and energy grids; and transmits encoded frequencies that connect us to the ancient wisdom of Egypt; the frequencies of the Cosmic Halls under the Sphinx; and the mysteries of Cosmic Consciousness.

Why Is The Lion’s Gate Portal Important?

This makes it a bit of a WOW! energetic time. It’s powerful and profound, and brings deep change and greater awareness. Can you feel it? Have you noticed these not so subtle energies that are radiating onto the planet and into you?

The Light from the Lion’s gate Portal affects us from above and below, from within and without. As each Light encoded frequency prompts us to remember our Galactic Heritage and integrate our Cosmic energies, we begin to Change, and the enlightened transformation begins.

Each pulse, every light filled activation brings us closer-  to our inner and outer home, and our cosmic and Soul remembering. What a blessing!

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