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Home Page for Matrix Harmonics – Personal Planetary Healing

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Welcome to the home page for Matrix Harmonics Personal and Planetary Healing – a website promoting the work streams and global interactions of Paulina Howfield.

In the mainstream world, Paulina has lectured at Colleges and Universities in the UK and Australia, and delivered Training Consultation to Government Departments, LGO’s and NGO’S in the UK, US, Europe, Asia and Australia. She has also worked with groups and individuals around the world as an Artist, Counsellor, Healer, Space Clearing Consultant and Integrative Arts Therapist.

In the esoteric world, she has trained in Energy Management, Subtle Body Healing, Earth Wisdoms, Shamanic Practises, Mediumship, Past Life Therapy, Space Clearing, and Soul Retrieval, and has been interacting as a Clairvoyant and Healer with Earth’s subtle bodies, sacred sites and visionary geography for over twenty five years.

While Paulina’s interests and skills are eclectic and esoteric, she is committed to providing Services that are relevant and life enhancing. She helps individuals, groups and businesses understand the dynamics of growth and change from a right-brained, creative, intuitive perspective; she teaches about personal and spiritual development; and focuses on every person achieving conscious harmonious integration with the ‘self’, the planet, the cosmos and all other living things.

Paulina is happy to discuss her skills, and explore the delivery of a one-to-one consultation, a sacred site tour, or a workshop or a training module that she can create for you. You can connect with her on facebook at or or by email on the contact page

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