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Felt Bags and Vessels Hand Made by Cass

I am delighted to have WA artist Cass Neeling creating and hand-making
felt bags/vessels for my Soul Whispers Cards

Cass Neeling has developed her skills through family training, formal studies and teaching experience. They have been refined in personal development workshops and daily practice. She considers learning is lifelong. The surprises that unexpected results bring are quite elevating. Making and creating is an important and essential part of her life practice.

Exploring designs for the Soul Whispers Cards has been a joyful and energizing experience for Cass. She believes you will find the vessel to resonate with your own personal cards. However, if they prove to inspire your own personal choice, she is ready to discuss variations to design your own.

To find out more about each bag, and to make an order, contact Cass by email at: kathleen.neeling@bigpond.com


These seven designs are a beautiful addition to the energies of the Soul Whispers Cards, and the colours and signatures Cass has used complement the sense of ‘sacredness’ that the cards embody. Each of these vessels/bags can be reproduced by Cass, and each one is always going to be the right size.

While each bag will comfortably fit around a Soul Whispers Card Deck, you can also fit a crystal or important small thing as well. Alternatively, they can be purchased to be used as vessels or bags to store other sacred things.

Each bag is handmade and hand sewn and Cass uses skills and techniques she has developed over many years. They are strong and durable, and each Soul Whispers Card vessel is easy to open and close. These beautiful works of Art, have also been created to be usable and washable. So please follow the care instructions as written below.


If your pure wool vessel requires washing – please hand wash in warm water and gentle detergent. Squeeze dry, and stuff with bubble wrap to dry and maintain the shape. (If your vessel has feathers, do not squeeze too hard to protect the shaft of the feather, they will dry naturally and can be teased out when dry.)

Seven Hand Made by Cass Vessels to choose from:


Hand Made by Cass 'Soft Swirl' felt bag

This design explores the textures natural yarn can give –
and provides a harmonious home for your Soul Whispers Cards

Purple Haze $55

Hand Made by Cass 'Purple Haze' Felt Bag

Contrasting colour opposites, and vein like threads, show the energy and strength of this vessel,
the soft gathering ribbon gently contains and protects your cards

Purple Patch $75

Hand Made by Cass 'Purple Patch' felt bag

Purple is the colour of transcendence.
This vessel is embellished with spirals inspired by the Newgrange, Ireland images.
With her Irish heritage, Cass is particularly honoured to create this work

Peppercorn $55

Hand Made by Cass 'Peppercorn' Felt Bag

Peppercorn provides a dash of elegance and ‘bling’.
It is a particularly soft and flexible vessel, and allows a dreamy cocoon to store your cards

Sky Dreaming $75

Hand made by Cass Felt Bag 'Sky Dreaming'

Clouds in the Australian skies can come in many shapes and situations.
Sky Dreaming represents the blue brilliance ‘decorated’ with delicate wisps of clouds.
Feathers are delicately embellished into the side of this vessel

Sea Speaking $55

'Sea Speaking' Hand made by Cass Felt Bag

Many people are drawn to the WA coastline,
and our relationship with water is one of the most pure. Water is so calming.
This vessel speaks of deeper oceanic worlds, and is quite mesmerizing.
The techniques used to create this vessel engage
strongly with this essential element

Spiral Whisper $55

Spiral Whispers explores the shape represented in many cultures.
First recorded in Greek history, it has had many interpretations.
In Celtic worlds, it is spiritually connected with past, present and future.
It is an icon used in many works by Cass.
Here it sits on a base of transcendent purple and earthy tones

Post and Handling

Please contact Cass by email to order or purchase any of these ‘Hand Made by Cass’ vessels.
All vessels/bags will be placed into a handmade box, before posting.
Postage within Australia is currently – Standard Post $14 (up to 5kg), or Express Post $17
Overseas posting is P.O.A (Priced on Application)


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