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Exhibition of Artwork by Paulina Howfield and Matrix Harmonics, 2009-2015

Mandjar Art Award – March/April, 2015

Paulina Howfield entry “Adrift” for the exhibition of artwork at Mandjar. Opens 14th March and ends 5th April.

'ADRIFT' Contemporary Art by Paulina Howfield

‘ADRIFT’ by Paulina Howfield

Mandjar Art Award – March, 2014

Paulina Howfield entry “Blue Earth’ on the left for the exhibition of artwork at Mandjar. It was a popular exhibition with over 400 entries.


‘Blue Earth’ at Mandjar





Weekend Pop-up Exhibition – May, 2012

Two days day pop-up exhibition of artwork, of Paulina Howfield’s Earth related images

Pop up Exhibition 2012

Pop up Exhibition 2012





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