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‘Paulina’s work is of a manifold nature, covering dimensions of healing, awakening,
connecting and teaching, and as a global energy worker, she has become a vehicle for energy,
clearly communicating the symbols of our world and our times’ (Spirit Earth Magazine)

Welcome to the home page of ‘Matrix Harmonics – Personal and Planetary Healing’, a website created by Paulina Howfield (also known as ‘The Earth Whisperer’) to showcase and explain the nature of her work.

As you read pages and move around the website, you will discover that there are many inter-connecting streams to her work and she has created five main ‘areas’ to help each visitor get a better idea of what her work includes. The five main areas can be found via links further down this page, and through the drop down menu at the top of the pages.

Paulina is committed to creating and providing Services, Consultations and Training Delivery that are Educational, Meaningful and Life Enhancing, and with her many years experience in her chosen fields she can help you clarify what you want, so that she can deliver what you need.

Paulina can provide one-on-one Consultations in Art and Sandplay Therapy, Hypnosis, and Life Skills or create a Workshop or Training Module for your Business, School or Organisation. Using her Intuitive Skills she can deliver Readings, Healings and House and Land Clearing and help you develop these skills at her EECT Workshops or Sacred Site Tours. If you want to learn How to Paint, Mix Colours or do Art Therapy Paulina can tailor courses for individuals and groups. She can also create Paintings, Photographs and Photo-Art on Commission.

‘Paulina is a gifted woman with many facets to her gifts.
She is a healer, counsellor, Earth Energy worker, speaker, 
artist and much, much more.
At a very trying point in my life she stepped up and guided me through a very fraught situation,
where I was constantly losing sight of the serenity of my normal life. Each time she patiently guided me back to the shore and reassured me that all would be well. Which eventually it was!
I will always be grateful for the love and support she gave me at this time’. 

To read more about Paulina’s work and experiences you can leave this home page and visit her personal profile, or view her testimonials to see what others think. If you are interested in her public speaking go to her talks page.  She has also done interviews that you can view at her media page. She is also currently recording a series of conversations and you can find them at her cosmic conversations page.

You can read about her book, cards and CDs on her products page, and connect with Paulina on her artist page, read her published articles and sign up for her blog. For in-depth information about her Services click on the links below.


Spiritual Reading
Subtle Body Healing
Past Life Regression
Art and Sandplay Therapy
Land Rituals
Space and House Clearing
Metaphysical Sacred Site Tours
Paintings, Photographs and Commissions
Training in Workplace Education Programmes
Professional Development Training
Personal Development Workshops
Communication Skills, Anger Management and Stress Reduction
Community Education and Training Management Skills

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