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Healing Modalities

Paulina has worked as a Healer in numerous countries and has delivered her services at homes, in hospitals, in aged care facilities and with children in care. While her Healing Therapies can be tailored to suit each client and may incorporate numerous techniques and methodologies, the information below gives a general overview of what each different healing modality can provide.

To make an appointment or discuss the services contact her on 0439 947 109 on Mon-Fri between 9am to 6pm to discuss how she can help.

Paulina’s Healing Therapies have provided pain and stress management for Cancer and HIV Patients, and have offered help in facilitating the re-connection of brain hardwire in adults and children living with the effects of Acquired Brain Injury, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Attention Deficit Issues. They have also helped clients with bone disorders, chronic fatigue, arthritis and back pain. Her Past life and Regression Therapies have helped people re-connect with their Soul and understand issues that are carried over from life times, and her Wellness Sessions have helped many people engage with and find ways to heal their anxiety and depression. She also recognises that connecting to our cosmic self is a powerful way to heal and align our subtle bodies and many of her sessions include this.

Healing Is Not Just For Those Who Are Sick Or Unwell

It is important to know that Healing Therapies are not only for people who are unwell. Everyone can benefit from healing therapies as they act like a tonic on the mind, and body and help clear away stress and negativity in the aura. Past life therapy, regression and hypnosis, as well as shamanic healing and spiritual cleansing can help individuals and groups who are interested in personal and spiritual development to more fully engage with their own subtle body energies and gain a deeper understanding of who they are, and what they can do to change and transform their lives.

Paulina’s Healing Therapies are Comprehensive

Paulina delivers a wide range of healing of the mind, body, spirit and soul. While she offers some that are familiar such as hands-on, shamanic, energy healing and past life therapy, she has also created specific techniques that combine her different skills, that provide a unique experience. You can read more about them below. Please note that in some  circumstances Paulina can provide a mobile Healing Service, and travel to work with you. Paulina also offers personal sessions in Living With Soul and Wellness for the Mind, Body and Soul

Body Energy Alignment

If you are looking for spiritual and/or psychic healing ‘Body Energy Alignment’, helps synchronise the energies of the Mind, Body and Spirit and facilitates a deeper connection with the I AM THAT I Am Presence as it aligns the physical essence with the Soul memory. It also promotes cleansing and expanding of the DNA/RNA, and assists in clearing past, present and future energy patterns that do not move the Soul forward. Many clients also have sessions in ‘Body Energy Alignment’ to facilitate a deeper connection with the Earth and ongoing planetary and dimensional changes.

‘Body Energy Alignment’ was designed by Paulina in the 1980s and incorporates all her skills and techniques as an energy worker and healer. As a ‘tonic’ Body Energy Alignment can help release the aches and pains of old injuries, raise physical and mental energy levels, and enhance emotional and mental well-being. It is beneficial in past life healing therapies for engaging with the energetic imprints and also for clearing energies that are released during such sessions. It also assists in long term health maintenance by teaching users how to distinguish the clues, symbols and energetic responses within the body matrix.

Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval Work

This healing modality involves working with the medicine wheel, the elements, animal helpers, plant medicines, crystals, drums and rattles to cleanse and heal the body, mind, and spirit. Clients may use these healing therapies to journey to find aspects of themselves, experience healing with their invisible helpers, re-connect to their spirit and animal guides, and journey into other realms. Participants can also journey to reclaim the soul, mind and body and bring them back into alignment. This is an excellent therapy/healing modality for reclaiming the mind and body, and cleansing traumatic imprints after shock, accidents, trauma and abuse.

Past Life Regression Therapy

Within our DNA encoding, we each carry our individual genetic, archetypal and physical histories. This information can affect the way we think, feel and act and sometimes creates ‘energy’ blockages that hinder our emotional and spiritual well-being. Past Life Regression Therapy with Paulina enables you to safely explore this encoding and interact with, cleanse and heal any old wounds, and behaviour or thought patterns that are affecting your sense of well being. Of course past life healing therapies also enable you to re-engage with lost skills from other lifetimes, visit future lives, and discover what happens in-between lives.

Sound Healing and Colour Healing

Working with specific energy nodes, organs and chakric centers of the body this is one of the healing therapies Paulina offers that incorporates colour, visualisation, toning, drums, rattles and bells. This can help release the aches and pains of old injuries, raise physical and mental energy levels, and enhance emotional and mental well-being. It also helps the physical body let go of old imprints and welcome in the new energies. She has had effective results with Cancer, HIV/AIDS, ADD, ADHD, and patients with Acquired Brain Injury. It also helps clients achieve and maintain spiritual health and well being. Meditation processes for specific healing requirements can also be created.

Spiritual and Psychic Healing

These two aspects of Paulina’s healing therapies incorporate hands-on and distance healing modalities to help clients cleanse, heal, balance and align their energy fields. These healing therapies help lift energies to new levels, and clear stagnations, attachments and cords. For individuals, families, groups, pets and land. Meditation processes for specific healing requirements can be created. Distance Healing and Cleansing can also be done.



Paulina is a gifted woman with many facets to her gifts. She is healer, counsellor, Earth Energy worker, speaker, artist and much, much more. At a very trying point in my life she stepped up and guided me through a very fraught situation, where I was constantly losing sight of the serenity of my normal life. Each time she patiently guided me back to the shore and reassured me that all would be well. Which eventually it was! I will always be grateful for the love and support she gave me at this time. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking for a healer or guide into the greater mysteries of existence’, (Liz C)

‘Wow. I didn’t get what Paulina did till I experienced her treatment. The frequencies were so high, and the beings she connected with were so helpful. She facilitated my journey and my healing with ease. Powerful stuff! Highly recommended’, (Julia UK)

‘I always thought that Past Life Therapy involved regression or hypnosis, but you had me in a past life in less than a minute. You are a skilled practitioner and spiritual psychologist who I trust completely. Many many thanks‘, (Tracey WA)

I have had three sessions with Paulina and each time my expectations were exceeded. Not only was my acute anxiety lifted, I also felt more in control after each session. Her work is cumulative and I highly recommend what she offers. I also feel really comfortable in her calming presence. I am a registered nurse and midwife, trainer and reiki master and I have never before experienced what she can do and the frequencies that she works with, as well as her skills in past life therapy. She also has the ability to do psychology speak really well – so it makes sense and is relevant to the individual’, (LMJ)

‘The toning sounds you make reached into my Soul. I felt like I was home. Such deep healing‘, (Maria UK)

‘I have had digestive problems for years and thought it was due to diet and stress. It turns out I was poisoned in a past life. Paulina helped me to clear and heal it from my subtle bodies, and things couldn’t be better. I am so thankful and now I can eat anything I want‘, (Joe)

‘I have suffered with depression and anxiety for many years. I thought I would never find a solution, but you helped me with your healing of my subtle bodies and drumming. I also really love the tools and techniques you gave me for self-managing my thoughts. I use them every day. Thank you so much for all that you do‘, (Freda)


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