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Paulina delivers Individual and Group Therapy, Supervision, Professional Development and Workplace Training in a range of Art and Sandplay Therapies that offer wellness for the mind, body and soul.

Art  and Sandplay therapies by-pass the monkey mind and activate the right brain, enabling clients to develop their creativity and intuition as well as quickly change behaviour, develop self esteem, clarify life purpose and develop life skills. They are also fantastic for exploring illness, depression, stress and end-of-life issues. Give Paulina a call today on 0439 947 109 and she will help you clarify what you want, so that she can deliver what you need.

Who Are The Sessions For

Do you want therapy for yourself, a friend or family member? Perhaps you work for an Organisation that needs Professional Development or Workplace Training in Life Skills, Communication Techniques, or Stress or Anger Management that incorporates dynamic Art and Sandplay Therapies? Or may be you want to attend therapy in a Supervisory capacity?

Paulina can design and deliver her services to tailor your particular needs, and has delivered her Art and Sandplay Therapies in the UK, Europe, US, Asia and Australia. She is a member of professional bodies; has taught Art  and Sandplay Therapies at Universities in the UK and Australia; and has provided her skills as an Art and Sandplay Therapist to hospitals and hospices for patients with Cancer, HIV and Traumatic Brain Injury.

What Art Therapies Can I Try

Paulina is an Integrative Arts and Expressive Therapist and she provides sessions/consultations in numerous expressive modalities that include Painting Therapy; Clay Therapy; Sandplay and Myth-making; Creative Visualisation; Guided Imagery; Mandala Making; Therapeutic Puppet Play; Storytelling; and Watercolour Therapy. She can also include healing and energy medicine components to her consultations on request.

To discuss fees, book a therapy, access the mobile service, or simply discuss what you need with Paulina, telephone her Monday to Friday between 9am and 6pm.

Art Therapies That Paulina Delivers Include

Sandplay Therapy – Is a hands on psychotherapy modality that creates a bridge between verbal and non-verbal expression. It allows the deeper parts of the psyche to be worked with and has very positive effects in reducing the emotional causes of difficult behaviours.

Clay Therapy – We live in a three dimensional world and Clay Therapy is an expression of that three dimensional world. It develops and allows for malleability and flexibility, textile, touch and sense. It is very good for healing and aligning the etheric and physical bodies.

Creative Visualisation and Guided Imagery – Using imagery (with or without music and movement) develops the ‘I am’ presence. It builds self-esteem and creates a sense of self that is symbolic and non-verbal.  It has definite positive effects on cognitive behaviour and mental aptitude. Strengthens the inward arc of the psyche, nurtures spiritual development and supports the development of intuition and awareness of feelings.

Mandala Making – Mandalas/circles are healing images and help create congruence between our inner and outer worlds. Used by ancient cultures in healing and to connect the maker to their deepest spiritual essence of self and other. They are great for healing and aligning the etheric, astral and physical bodies.

Psycho-Drama – Supports and enables the exploration of relationships, family constellations and communication dynamics. Helps bridge inner and outer worlds, clear mental and emotional imprints in the aura and release stagnant energy in the body.

Puppet Therapy – Creating and interacting with puppets links into a deep process of non-verbal and verbal self-expression that uses the ancient combination of myth, symbol and story-telling as healer. It contributes well in satisfying the souls longing to know and reveal itself.

Watercolour Therapy – Helps express the inner emotional world and create bridges that link the arcs of identity. Connects the painter/creator to the elements of water and earth. Enables the development of personal identity, and offers safe exploration of issues and emotions.

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