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A selection of Spiritual and Esoteric Articles that focus on Earth Energies, Shamanism and Healing, when writing as the ‘London Calling’ columnist from 1996-1999

(All articles are copyrighted to Paulina Howfield and cannot be reproduced or quoted from in any way without her permission)

What’s Love Got to Do with It?’ (Published – Sedona Magazine) Copyright 1997:

Once a week I facilitate a Healing Circle where we work on cleansing our subtle body frequencies and aligning with the energies of the higher realms. An important part of the Circle is an energy transmitter that draws down and magnifies energies that are in the invisible realms, helping participants to have a tangible experience of multidimensional energy………Read more

‘Search for the Hero’ (Published – Sedona Magazine) Copyright, 1997:

How many of us are prepared to lose all that we have for what we truly believe in? To be the hero to the messages of our soul, push forward against sometimes insurmountable odds and keep dreaming that impossible dream no matter what risk or cost to ourself? I am honoured to know a man who has recently moved forward through insurmountable odds while keeping his dream alive……….Read more

‘Australian Aboriginals’ (Published – Sedona Magazine) Copyright, 1996:

In my efforts to contribute as best I can in the reconnecting of the etheric web in and around the planet, I travel to many different countries,to both experience the energies of various sacred sites and discover their effects on the changing face of human consciousness…….Read more

‘Handicap as a Gift!’ (Published – Sedona Magazine) Copyright 1996:

I have just returned from three weeks in the wonderful Mayan lands of Mexico. My heart and memories are filled with sunshine, warmth, pyramids and sore thighs and my experiences with the time keeping energies of the ancient Yucatan have me stretching time, seasons and affirmations as I prepare my body for six weeks in London’s dark,cold winter………Read more

‘Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye!’ (Published – Sedona Magazine) Copyright 1995:

Our people have met your people and your people have met our people and if the Gods have their day, a decree will be made and a charter will be passed making the towns of Sedona and Glastonbury twin towns, bonded for evermore spiritually, physically and politically. Three weeks ago as promised, I was traversing the west ~country of England, explorIng hill and dale in Cornwall, Somerset and Devon……Read more




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