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Paulina’s work is of a manifold nature, covering dimensions of healing, awakening, connecting and teaching. As a global shamanic energy worker, she has become a vehicle for energy, clearly communicating the symbols of our world and our times (Spirit Earth Magazine)

Paulina is a fascinating presenter. She smoothly integrates the concepts of early cultures with our modern day challenges, leading course participants into a direct experience of energy (Dr JH Jackson, Director, GeoEnergy)

Paulina has an ancient understanding of the many manifestations of energy, and radiates a wisdom and stillness. Her teachings embody a truth that is connected to the deepest part of ourselves (Denise Linn)

Paulina belongs to the forefront of those women who are shaping the contours and colours of contemporary thinking (Jack Smit)

Paulina’s unique way of working with Feng Shui and Sacred Geometry, has powerful and effective results enabling participants to cleanse and heal the energies of their body, and align their mind, body and spirit with the sacred wisdoms of the universe (Sedona Vortex Connection)

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