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These Pilgrimages and Tours aim to develop metaphysical and spiritual awareness, as well as provide an understanding of the deeper esoteric principles behind Planetary Changes, Earth Energies, Crop Circles, Sacred Sites and Visionary Geography.

They are designed to help Participants:

– Interact with the non-visible world;
– Link into Earth’s visionary geography;
– Develop clairvoyant and light work abilities;
– Discover why Earth Changes are occurring; and
– Learn how they are influencing human consciousness

To find out more about the Earth Pilgrimages and Tours mentioned below, or learn about other upcoming tours go to the Contact Page and send a request for a Brochure.


BALI SOLAR Initiation Pilgrimage, 12th-17th August, 2018:

bali pilgrimages and Tours

Balinese Temple

Join Paulina on this unique pilgrimage to visit and clairvoyantly interact with Sun Temples, Dragon Lines and Hindu Temples of Indonesia. You will also have a unique opportunity to be part of a SOLAR INITIATION CEREMONY at one of the oldest working Temples on the planet…..Read more

Personal Pilgrimages and Tours, and Earth Interactions

If you would like a Personal One-on-One Experience with Earth Energies or want us to design pilgrimages and tours to meet your group’s specific needs, please contact us by email or phone. For more information go to: https://www.matrixharmonics.com/harmonious-earth-interactions/create-a-tour/

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