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‘Expressing the invisible world with colour, image and symbol connects the viewer and the artist  to ALL THAT IS. It is primal, non-verbal and intuitive. In a therapeutic sense it bridges the inner and outer landscapes, the known and unknown, the self and other, and helps us identify our place in the connected rhythms of all things. It also embodies the journey to the image, as well as the end product, and inhabits the true expression of the creative soul.’

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Blue Rock Deva

Paulina’s creative expressions and art products embody creativity, and the art process, and aim to give the purchaser/viewer an artwork that will challenge, inspire and feed their soul. To discuss a Commission, the style of art and her products, or make a purchase, you can contact Paulina either by phone at 0439 947 109, or by sending a query via the contact page. She looks forward to discussing her creative process and her creative expressions and helping you make the perfect purchase for yourself, your business, your family and friends. To see more of her work visit, connect with her on facebook, or visit her artist page. All Paulina’ artwork, photo-art and photography can now be purchased as ‘limited edition prints’ that are printed on demand on Quarelle and Hahnemuhle Paper. Read more about her work, opportunities for Commissions and Community Art, and how to get one of her limited edition prints and view her smaller art products and training courses via the links below:

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