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Articles on earth energies, spirituality, metaphysics and aspects of consciousness written by Paulina Howfield. Many were published in print media elsewhere and cannot be reproduced or quoted from in any way without her permission.

Remote Viewing Discovers a Phoenician Wreck, Article Copyright, December, 2021

Article by Paulina Howfield about remote viewing a Phoenician-ShipwreckIn this Article Paulina discusses how she found an ancient Phoenician shipwreck while remote viewing. Recently the shipwreck was discovered and is considered a great historic find. You can read more about her discovery here

The Collective Spiritual Awakening and The Harmonic Convergence, Article Copyright, August, 2021

Article by Paulina Howfield about Spiritual Awakening and Harmonic Convergence In this Article Paulina discusses how The Harmonic Convergence on August 16-17, 1987 was a time of activations that triggered the Collective Spiritual Awakening, and what we see and feel taking place in the world right now, is connected to what we did back then. You can read more here

‘Communicating With Animals’, Articles Copyright, November, 2019

articles by Paulina Howfield - communicating with animals In this Article, Paulina discusses her interactions and communication with animals, and explains how she helps them with behaviour issues, anxiety or when they are sick and dying. She shares a story about a dog called Tyson’s who wanted to be able to die well, and how she helped him go about it. Read more:

‘The Magic and Mystery of the Black Madonna’, Article Copyright, September 2018

Articles by Paulina Howfield - The black goddess in Canungra In Canungra in South-east Queensland there is a certified replica of ‘The Miraculous Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa’- a Black Madonna original that has been in the care of the Pauline Monks in Poland, since the 1400s. The original ‘Lady of Czestochowa’ has a complex history, which helps define her as a ‘Black Madonna’ rather than just a black Madonna…..Read more

‘Gosford Glyphs And Paranormal Sightings, Articles Copyright, July 2018

The Gosford Glyphs, also known as the articles by Paulina Howfield - gosford glyphs and the paranormalKariong Glyphs, are located about 60 kms north of Sydney in the Brisbane National Park. While they are not easy to find, the Gosford Glyphs (carvings in stone) have been visited, photographed and researched by many people over the years, including archaeologists and scientists, and have been the subject of many discussions……Read more

‘Bridging the Left and Right Brain Hemispheres Can Make Positive Changes in our Lives’, Articles Copyright, May, 2018:

Articles by Paulina Howfield- Bridging the left and right brain Bridging the left and right brain, helps us communicate more effectively; reduces stress and anxiety; develops our creative problem solving skills; and allows us to live richer more meaningful lives. Bridging the left and right brain is valuable, because when we combine both the left and right sides of our brains we develop a new understanding about….Read more

‘Medicine Wheels On Your Land Will Help You Reconnect’, Articles Copyright 2018:

Articles by Paulina Howfield - How Medicine wheels help us connect Medicine Wheels are powerful meditation tools that help us connect with our inner selves, the middle, upper and lower worlds and the spirit of all that is. Medicine Wheels are usually made with stones or crystals that have been collected and gathered with dedication and purpose. Some Medicine Wheels are constructed on altars and small healing tables, and become attuned to the person who interacts with them for meditation, healing and energy alignment…..Read more

‘Working With Nature Spirits on the Land’, Article Copyright, 2018:

Articles by Paulina Howfield about nature spirits in rocksWorking with Nature Spirits on the land is important and helps us create healthy and harmonious landscapes and habitats. If you haven’t done it before, now is the time to start harmoniously interacting with the Nature Spirits on your land. When we live on land, when we work with land, and when we are guardians of the land, it is important to create a harmonious relationship with the devic energies present and interact with them to find out where they live and what they need from us….Read more

‘Ashes to Orbs with Glass Punk Studios’, Articles Copyright 2017:

Articles by Paulina Howfield - glass orbs for ashes

If you have lost a loved one and want to have a keepsake of their ashes, these glass orb ash receptacles made by Dan Bugitti are spectacular. I loved them when I came across them a year ago, and was honoured to write this article about how they are made and why…..Read more

‘Interacting With Our Soul at Solstice’, Articles Copyright 2017:

Articles by Paulina Howfield - interacting with soul at solsticeInteracting with our Soul at Solstice, helps us interact with high frequency celestial energies for deeper spiritual understanding. The Solstice is a time when the energies of the Sun are at a point of change. It heralds either the shortest or longest day of the year and a change of season. At a very basic level it is about Light – how much Light we can access every day from the Sun; and how can we use that Light to cleanse our subtle bodies, release our inner shadow, and build our light quotient…..Read more

‘Heal and Cleanse Ancestral Trauma From Your Subtle Bodies’, Articles Copyright 2017:

Articles by Paulina Howfield - Healing ancestral trauma

As the energy frequencies change and we are elevated to new states of consciousness any ‘ancestral’ trauma that is stored in our subtle bodies gets activated. It may be from previous lifetimes, from other NOW lifetimes that our Soul is currently experiencing, or it could be trans-generational or collective…..Read more

‘Near Death Experiences and the SOUL’ – Articles Copyright, 2017:

Articles by Paulina Howfield - Near Death Experiences and the AfterlifeNear death experiences drop us into the heart, take our breath away and dissolve the words. Understanding them via the expressions of our Soul and engaging with them through multi-dimensional truths is a profound way to learn more about them and can potentially help all of humanity as we move deeper into the spiritual evolution of our species. Paulina discusses this and more in relation to how the soul encodes triggers for near death experiences and spiritual awakenings before we are born.…..Read more

‘Archetypal Stories Help Us Transmute our Energies With Fire’, Articles Copyright, 2016:

Articles by Paulina Howfield - Transmute our energies with FIREArchetypal Stories Can Help Us Transmute Our Energies With Fire. They can help us develop spiritual knowledge and identify techniques to help us Transmute Our Energies With Fire. Stories and mythologies are rich with symbol and metaphor. They help create meaning in our lives, and often provide esoteric wisdom and metaphysical insight that help individuals and communities to grow personally and spiritually….. Read more

‘Should We Go Into The Light When We DIE?’, Articles Copyright 2016:

Articles by Paulina Howfield - should we go into the light when we die?

Researchers in the fields of Near Death Experiences, Ufology and Conspiracy Theories are currently asking the question ‘Should We Go Into The Light At The Time of Death, Or Should We Avoid It? At this time of our shifting consciousness questions are being asked about the cycle of reincarnation, what the Afterlife really is, and whether the Other Worlds are really just examples of Mind Control and Collective Programming. Some people are saying that when we die we should not go towards the Light, or into the Tunnel as this means that we risk reincarnating for the benefit of deceptive self-serving multi-dimensional beings…. Read more

‘Paying Attention and Developing Awareness to Create a Peaceful World’, Articles Copyright 2015:

Image for article about paying attention to create a better world Each of us can make a difference to the ‘mindset’ of our collective unconscious. We are all connected and nothing exists in isolation, and we need to be clear what we are contributing to and helping to manifest in our own lives, in our communities, in the cosmos and on the planet. As the fear and violence in our collective consciousness comes to the surface for recognition and healing it is time to start paying attention and developing awareness to create a peaceful world….Read more  

‘Alien Contact Helps Access Our Cosmic Essence and Teaches About Multi-Dimensional Consciousness’, Article Copyright, 2015:

Image for article about how alien contact helps us change our consciousnessWe live in a multiple universe that is full of different realities and home to numerous other beings, and close encounters with these beings has occurred on this planet for hundreds and thousands of years. All ancient cultures have stories of such interactions. Some of these cultures actually evolved from these beings, while others were imparted with knowledge and skills that helped them develop relationships with the planet, read the heavens and connect to their cosmic essence…..Read more

‘Solstice Rituals and Ceremonies at Stone Circles and Megalithic Monuments’, Article Copyright 2014:

Image for article about stone megaliths and the solstice and equinoxAlmost all stone circles and megalithic monuments link into the energies of the cosmos. Many track the movements of the Sun and/or Moon, some align to Orion, the Pleiades, Alpha Centauri and Sirius.These monuments and circles demonstrate the astronomical knowledge of our forebears and their profound understanding of the movements of the heavenly bodies, and constellations……….Read more

‘Clairvoyance and Earth Energy Work’ – Article Copyright, 2012:

Working with light, infusing it, re-arranging it, holding its frequencies and vibrations, and aligning it in places and things, is what I do every day. Sometimes I interact with and fuse light into the frequencies of the mind, body, spirit and soul of humanity – both collectively and individually……….Read more

‘Healing with the Divine Mother’ – Article Copyright 2010:

developing a relationship with Earth

As we individually and collectively awaken to the essence of the Divine Mother and all things feminine, the world that we live in is gradually changing its focus from separation and greed, to connection and love. As this happens western culture is re-connecting with the natural world, the right side of the brain, psychic phenomena, intuition and healing…….

‘Changing Our View of Death’ – Article Copyright 2008:

This article was written for a magazine and published in print in 2008. While western culture’s understanding of the Afterlife has developed since then, and our belief systems about how to engage with death are changing focus, what I wrote is still relevant today as we continue to learn about what happens after death and discover what living our dying can really teach us……Read more


‘Becoming the New Earth’ (Lead Article – Conscious Living Magazine, Iss 80) – Article Copyright 2008:

While many people believe that Earth is just a giant rock that revolves around a brilliant Sun, she is in fact a living breathing consciousness with a soul, subtle bodies and energy nodes. Her soul is known as Gaia, and is the governing consciousness of the energy fields that resonate within and around her……….Read more

‘Earth Imprints and their Effects on Consciousness’ (Published – NOVA Magazine) – Article Copyright 2007:

Our planet’s body has been stamped with vibrational essences since the beginning of her existence. These energetic stamps or ‘imprints’ can have a strong and lasting effect on our subtle bodies. They can affect the way a person thinks and what they think about and can influence a person’s mental consciousness for years. They also influence the emotions and behaviour and can dramatically impact upon energy levels and vibrational functioning…….Read more

‘Vision Quest – Medicine Wheel Brings Otter Wisdom’ (Published – Conscious Living Magazine) Article Copyright 2001:

Under the light of a near full moon, I prepared my medicine wheel. First I placed a stone in the north, to align with the element of earth, and asked for the wisdom and support of the elders. Next I placed a stone in the east, to align with the element of air, and asked for the support of the breath of the universe and the winged creatures who fly within it……….Read more

‘How to do a Vision Quest’ (Published – Conscious Living Magazine) – Article Copyright 2001:

A Vision Quest traditionally takes a minimum of twenty four hours – so that the initiate experiences a full cycle of energies. However they can and usually do last for much longer periods, often for several weeks. Several weeks is a long commitment for anyone and for some of us, so is twenty four hours……. Read more

‘Natural Rhythms & the Autumnal Equinox'(Published – Conscious Living Magazine) – Article Copyright 2001:

The season of Autumn is always heralded by a celestial event. Known as an ‘Equinox’ it takes place when the Sun crosses the Celestial Equator and for one day only, the length of  day and night are exactly the same. This movement of the Sun and its effects on Mother Nature and all her elements has been celebrated and honoured by Earth cultures……. Read more

‘Using Transactional Analysis as part of an Integrative Approach in Counselling and Arts Psychotherapy’ – Author: Nancy Davidson:

Ms Howfield is a psychotherapist who uses a wide number of modalities including integrative art therapy, transpersonal psychology, gestalt and TA. Ms Howfield uses TA as part of her approach with a wide range of clients including children, families, couples and groups. She has used TA across cultures and in many countries…….Read more

London Calling Articles:

A selection of Articles on spirituality and esoterica and Earth energies written by Paulina when she was the London Calling Correspondent for Sedona Magazine

‘What’s Love Got to Do with It?’ (Published – Sedona Magazine) Copyright 1997:

Once a week I facilitate a Healing Circle where we work on cleansing our subtle body frequencies and aligning with the energies of the higher realms. An important part of the Circle is an energy transmitter that draws down and magnifies energies that are in the invisible realms, helping participants to have a tangible experience of multidimensional energy………Read more

‘Search for the Hero’ (Published – Sedona Magazine) Copyright, 1997:

How many of us are prepared to lose all that we have for what we truly believe in? To be the hero to the messages of our soul, push forward against sometimes insurmountable odds and keep dreaming that impossible dream no matter what risk or cost to ourself? I am honoured to know a man who has recently moved forward through insurmountable odds while keeping his dream alive……….Read more

‘Australian Aboriginals’ (Published – Sedona Magazine) Copyright, 1996:

In my efforts to contribute as best I can in the reconnecting of the etheric web in and around the planet, I travel to many different countries,to both experience the energies of various sacred sites and discover their effects on the changing face of human consciousness…….Read more

‘Handicap as a Gift!’ (Published – Sedona Magazine) Copyright 1996:

I have just returned from three weeks in the wonderful Mayan lands of Mexico. My heart and memories are filled with sunshine, warmth, pyramids and sore thighs and my experiences with the time keeping energies of the ancient Yucatan have me stretching time, seasons and affirmations as I prepare my body for six weeks in London’s dark,cold winter………Read more

‘Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Hear Ye!’ (Published – Sedona Magazine) Copyright 1995:

Our people have met your people and your people have met our people and if the Gods have their day, a decree will be made and a charter will be passed making the towns of Sedona and Glastonbury twin towns, bonded for evermore spiritually, physically and politically. Three weeks ago as promised, I was traversing the west ~country of England, explorIng hill and dale in Cornwall, Somerset and Devon……Read more

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