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About us – Matrix Harmonics – Personal and Planetary Healing’

Is the website for Paulina Howfield and creates an inter-connected umbrella for her work streams and global interactions that focus on Personal and Planetary Healing. Dedicated to Earth and Humanity’s Ascension Process; the Embodiment of Right Brain Consciousness; and the Healing of the Collective Unconscious, her work focuses on the personal and spiritual development of all aspects of the perceived self – the mind/body/spirit/emotions/soul – to enable conscious harmonious integration with the ‘self’, the planet, the cosmos and all other living things. Follow these links to view videos, and listen to audios, of what she talks about at Conferences, during Interviews and at Workshops.

Personal Profile

With a broad range of work experiences that embrace Education, Transpersonal Counselling, Holistic Integrative Arts Therapy, Complementary Health Therapies and Spiritual Development, Paulina is committed to offering personal and planetary healing services that are holistic and life enhancing. She has lectured at Colleges and Universities in the UK and Australia; delivered Training Consultation to Government Departments, LGO’s and NGO’S in the UK, US, Europe, Asia and Australia; and worked with groups and individuals around the world as a Counsellor, Healer, Space Clearing Consultant and Integrative Arts Therapist.

Paulina has also been interacting with Earth’s subtle bodies, sacred sites and visionary geography for over twenty five years. During that time she has deepened her metaphysical understanding about the effects of Earth Changes on the collective unconscious of humanity. She has also developed a symbiotic working relationship with devas, angelic beings, extra-terrestrials and galactic bodies that enables her to effectively assist them in cleansing, aligning and balancing Earth’s subtle bodies.

She writes a column for a spiritual development magazine, is a community radio presenter and artist, and has spoken at Conferences in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Vietnam, Peru and America. She has been interviewed by Noosa FM, 12Radio, Byron Bay Radio, The Witching Hour, Beacon of Light Radio, UKTV, ITV, MTV, SBS, Channel 9, ABC Radio, Channel 31, RTR FM, 93.5 FM, 6PR, 6NR, Sedona Magazine, NOVA, Conscious Living Magazine and Spirit Earth Magazine. Paulina also does public speaking and can tailor presentations/talks, training programmes and workshops to suit the needs of your group, organisation or conference.

Image of book cover Remembering ISIS - Re-connecting the Divine Feminine at the Goddess Temples of MaltaHer book ‘Remembering Isis – Reconnecting the Divine Feminine at the Goddess Temples of Malta’ discusses her interactions with the Earth Energies and Cosmic Archetypal Imprints on the Islands of Malta in the 1980s and her work to raise awareness of the Divine Feminine aspect of Consciousness

Image of a selection of the Paulina Howfields Soul Whispers CardsHer deck of forty two Soul Whispers Cards use her own photo images and spiritual insights – to help you hear the Truth WITHIN and act upon the Teachings from Your UNIQUE SOUL.

Earth Healing at Machu Picchu CDHer Earth Healing Meditations were created to enable journeyers to interact with sacred sites on our planet and deepen their relationship with the ancient guardians and cosmic entities that enhance their energetic resonances. Her five processes will help you connect to the morphic fields at Machu Picchu, Newgrange, Uluru, Stonehenge and Besakhi.

Paulina also provides Healing and Art Therapy Consultations, Earth Healing related Services, and Card Readings. You can learn more about these at her products page

To find out more about her skills and her interests, you can read some of her Articles, read her Blog, view her soul oriented Artwork and photography, and join her on Facebook. You can also visit her linked in profile at:  View PaulinView Paulina Howfield's LinkedIn profilea Howfield’s profile

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