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Since the 1980’s Paulina has been running workshops, delivering talks and presenting papers at Conferences around the world. She has spoken at numerous Mind, Body, Spirit Conferences, where she discusses her interest in health and wellness, spiritual consciousness, metaphysics and Earth energies. She also has a strong background in psychology, training delivery, art therapy and personal development and is happy to discuss your needs and tailor a presentation for your next conference or Expo. She has done numerous interviews on various media outlets and is happy to discuss future interviews with you. For a selection of her past events and Conferences see below:

‘Effective Communication’ – Training Programme

Wednesday 31st August, 2011 & Wednesday 7th September 2011
9am – 5pm, Peel Campus, Mandurah

Two day Professional Development Training to help employees understand and develop Effective Communication Skills for surviving and thriving in the Workplace.

To book a place contact Jacqueline Goode at RAWA Mandurah

“Getting Where You Want to Be – (While Supporting Others on Their Journey)” – Workshop

Just To Be, Fremantle, Friday 12th August, 2011, 5 – 9 pm

Professional Development Course for Therapists and Educators working with clients who want to explore their own personal, and psycho-spiritual process of development.

To book a place contact Jane Bromley, at Sophia College on 9726 1505

UK PROBE Conference – Talk

ST Annes, Blackpool, Lancashire
Saturday 26th March 2011 (2pm – 3pm)

A one hour presentation at a two day conference. I will be discussing: My work as a Grid-engineer and Lightworker, the Cosmic Agenda for Earth Changes, the Raising of the Feminine Consciousness (and its impact on the collective unconscious of humanity), and explaining some of my recent work with Dragon Lines and Lemurian energies in Peru and New Zealand. For more information contact UK Probe online at

‘Singing with the Angels’ – Workshop
Saturday 2nd April(9am – 5pm) Stirling, Scotland

Using sound and colour we raise the vibrations of the body to interact and ‘Sing With the Angels’– you do not have to be able to sing to attend this workshop!

‘Pathway to the Stars’ – Workshop
Saturday 16th April (10am – 5pm) Belfast, Ireland

Metaphysical and Esoteric Training to learn how to use the body as a portal to travel the ancient pathways to connect with the cosmic self; and interact with other dimensions and beings from other galaxies.

‘Grid Engineering Training’
Saturday 23rd April (9am to 5pm) London

A one day Training workshop that combines the two principle courses in my Earth Energy Consciousness Training Programme (more information on website), to prepare participants for upcoming Earth Tours, Pilgrimages and Earth Energy Workshops.

‘Interacting with the Geomythic Landscape of Ancient Avalon’ – Earth Pilgrimage
1-6 May 2011– West Country UK

A five day Pilgrimage of Transformation interacting with the ancient sites and Earth Energies that are geomythically connected to the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

‘Crop Circle Interactions’ –  Crop Circle Tour
Thursday 19th May(10am – 9pm) Southwest UK

One day tour to experience and interact with Crop Circles.

‘Re-birthing the Thames’ – Earth Pilgrimage
Saturday 21st May(10am – 5pm) London

One day discovery tour of some of the ancient sacred sites along the Thames River and in the East end area of London.

PD Training – ‘How to Communicate Effectively‘

On 2nd and 9th March 2011 we will be leading two Professional Development Training Days for RAWA. The topic of Training is ‘How to Communicate Effectively‘. Training will take place at Challenger TAFE in Mandurah. To book a place, contact Relationships Australia WA on 08 9583 6090.

‘Communication in Relationships’ – Workshop

16th February and 23rd February 2011,  Mandurah TAFE

TIME: 9am – 4pm

To find out more contact Relationships Australia WA on  08 9583 6090

‘The Importance of You’ – Workshop

Dwellingup, November 2010

Two Personal Development workshops for members of the bereaved parents and siblings group – ‘The Compassionate Friends’ – at their yearly Dwellingup Retreat. If you would like to know more about this group check them out online at – The Compassionate Friends – or give them a call on             08 9535 7761

Communicate Effectively in the Home and Workplace – Workshop/Training

When: Tuesday Evenings September/October 2010
Where: George St Mandurah

to find out more contact Relationships Australia WA on 08 9583 6090

Peru – Jungle near Iquitos – Meditation

July Full Moon Ceremony
Leading Grand Cross and Full Moon Alignment Meditation, in Maloka

Kaiwake, New Zealand, June 2010 – Talk and Meditation

Evening Talk and Group Meditation:
Venue: ODD SOX CAFE, Kaiwake, New Zealand
Date and Time: Sunday 2oth June, 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm
Entry Fee: $NZ10

‘Interacting with Earth’s Subtle Bodies, Sacred Sites and Visionary Geography’: In this two hours presentation Paulina will define and discuss her role as a Grid Engineer, explain how she interacts with the elemental and devic realms, and answer questions. She will also lead a group meditation to link into the energies of the Solstice.

Keri Keri, New Zealand, June 2010 – Talk and Meditation

Afternoon Talk and Group Meditation:
Venue: Masonic Hall, Keri Keri, New Zealand
Date and Time: Saturday 26th June, 1.30

One hour presentation discussing the incoming energies of the Grand Cross and how its influencing the way we think, feel and act. Twenty minutes meditation to align with the energies of the new healing room of the Sun.

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