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LIVING WITH SOUL – Metaphysical and SOUL Coaching For Personal and Spiritual Development

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Living With SOUL Sessions

Book a Metaphysical and SOUL Coaching Session with Paulina today on 0439 947 109

Paulina has many years experience of working as an Art Therapist, Metaphysician, Healer and SOUL Coach and has fused her skills to create Personal Sessions and Workshops that help you Define YOUR Purpose, Find Meaning in Every MOMENT and Start Living with SOUL.

Living With SOUL is part of Paulina’s Purpose and she wants to share what she has learnt with you. She knows that Living With SOUL requires waking the spirit, interacting with the SOUL and learning how to follow its CALL.

The SOUL is Energy

The SOUL is energy and has its own way of communicating, so Paulina uses her healing, metaphysical and clairvoyant skills to help you locate and interact with the messages that your SOUL has imprinted within the fields of your subtle bodies.

She will ask you questions, facilitate your discovery, and work with your guides to help you clarify what you really need to fulfil the purpose of your SOUL.

The SOUL Knows What YOU Need

Your SOUL knows if you need therapeutic help, healing and energy medicine, or training and re-education. It also knows what you came to do and why – and knowing this helps you fulfil your destiny, create meaning in your life and make SOULful choices in relationships, friendships, career and home life.

It’s time to Define YOUR Purpose, Find Meaning in Every MOMENT and Start Living with SOUL. Don’t wait to Make the Difference that YOU are.

To discuss your needs and explore how Living With SOUL Therapies can help you, Paulina is happy to chat in business ours and can be contacted on 0439 947 109.


‘Paulina is a gifted woman with many facets to her gifts. She is healer, counsellor, Earth Energy worker, speaker, artist and much, much more. At a very trying point in my life she stepped up and guided me through a very fraught situation, where I was constantly losing sight of the serenity of my normal life. Each time she patiently guided me back to the shore and reassured me that all would be well. Which eventually it was. I will always be grateful for the love and support she gave me at this time. We shared many joyful and awe inspiring moments, travelling together and delving into the deepest metaphysical realms and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking for a healer or guide into the greater mysteries of existence’…….Liz Campbell


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