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ART and SOUL Therapies – Holistic ART Therapies for Personal and Spiritual Development

Art and SOUL TherapiesAs an Integrative Arts Therapist, Educator and Transpersonal Counsellor, Paulina uses her skills to create unique and individual Art and SOUL Therapies and sessions for children, adults and families and has delivered her therapy in hospitals, clinics, organisations and businesses in numerous countries. She has taught Art Therapies at Colleges and Universities in the UK, including ECU, UWA, Sophia College, Tuart College, BENNU and IKON in Australia.  Paulina also leads Art and SOUL Therapy Workshops and Seminars for Community Groups and NGO’s, tailoring workshops to meet their specific needs; and creates Professional Development Training Packages for professionals interested in learning effective ways to use the Creative Arts and Art Therapies in their medical and clinical practices.

Why Art Therapy?

Some clients use Paulina’s Art and SOUL Therapies and Services to connect with their creative intuitive self and add another tool to their ‘self development’ tool kit.  Many others use it for support and well-being during illness, relationship breakdown, life transition and spiritual crisis.  As it relaxes the left side of the brain – the logical, rational and analytical part of the mind – it enables the intuitive, non-verbal and non-judgemental right brain to step forward to help us understand our life issues and create meaning in our lives.

What Do ART Therapies Do?

Sandtray Therapy, Painting, Clay Therapy, Watercolour and Puppet Therapy take us into the world of metaphor, symbol and archetypal energies and can provide profound insight into family dynamics, communication problems, childhood issues, and past life patterning. They also connect us to the fundamental four principles that create structure in the physical world and enable each person to clarify how these principles influence their unique mind, body, spirit and soul.

Creative Visualisation, Regression Therapy and Hypnotherapy enable the right and left brain to work together to release and heal old programming, as well as create new neural pathways that influence positive changes in the way we think, feel and act. These techniques can be used effectively for personal growth, business dynamics and spiritual awakening.

Which ART Therapy Do I Need /What Can It Help Me With?

As it is a mostly non-verbal approach to problem solving, personal growth and getting in touch with feelings, it is great for effectively dealing with:

– Anger and Stress
– Depression
– Relationship and Communication Issues
– ADD and ADHD
– Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
– Personal and Spiritual Crisis
– Grief and Loss
– Death and Dying
– Near Death Experiences
– Contact and Out of Body Experiences

Creative Arts Therapies also enable the mind, body and spirit to work together to help heal illness and energetic imbalances, and Paulina uses it to help clients explore and embrace health challenges, such as:

– Chronic Fatigue
– Cancer
– Multiple Sclerosis
– Parkinsons Disease
– Acquired Brain Injury and Trauma

To discuss your needs and explore how ART therapies can help you, Paulina is happy to chat in business ours and can be contacted on 0439 947 109. To find out more about her skills, training and other work areas, or to read her blog visit

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