White OWL Magnets

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White OWL Magnets For Sale

Hand-made and Crafted by Paulina Howfield – $4:50 each or Two for $8:00

Owls represent intuitive knowledge as well as wisdom, and they have been revered and/or feared in many cultures on our glorious planet. They can also fly silently and have an ability to ‘see’ or perceive what others can’t.

If you carry Owl medicine, it’s likely that you have the knowledge or skill to see the hidden truth of things. You can also ‘see’ the inner shadow, and no one can deceive you in any way, as you ‘sense’ or ‘see’ what people are trying to hide. Plus you have the innate ability to help others with life transition and change.

You will probably also be drawn to owls, like Paulina is, and you may resonate with these White Owl Magnets that she has been painting and crafting. If you do like them and want one for your fridge or some other place, let her know in a personal message via phowfield@hotmail.com and she will send details about how to get them.

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