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The Communication Skills Training Workshops mentioned below, are a part of Paulina’s consultancy, and will increase your communication skills in a variety of situations, while also helping you develop better personal relationships at home and in the workplace. All Paulina’s Communication Skills Training courses are currently delivered upon request, and she can tailor a course with content specifically to meet your requirements. If you are interested in discussing her Consultancy Skills in Training Design, Community Development Research, Communication Skills Training and Professional Development Packages phone her today or send off an email to discuss how she can help.

‘Communication in Relationships’

This Communication Skills Training teaches you what to do to improve how you communicate with your partner, children and siblings. This course will help you get an understanding of how to build better relationships by changing how you speak and listen to the people that you love and care about. For more information on next Training dates and/or to book a place, send an email request via contact page

‘How to Communicate Effectively’

Healthy relationships at home or at work are created by individuals with effective communication skills. This two day Communication Skills Training course covers all areas of communication including attitudes, listening and speaking skills, and conflict resolution.For more information on next Training dates and/or to book a place, send an email request via contact page

‘Getting Where You Want to Be’

This Communication Skills Training is part of Paulina’s Professional Development Courses for Therapists and Educators working with clients, who want to explore their own personal, and psycho-spiritual process of development. It is offered in one or two day programmes to suit your organisational and/or professional development requirements. She can tailor specific training courses on request. This course is currently offered upon request


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