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Rituals and Ceremonies, Blessings, Medicine Wheels and Sacred Symbol Activations

To discuss Paulina’s Rituals and Ceremonies, Blessings, Medicine Wheels or Sacred Symbol Activations you can contact her by phone on 0439 947 109 between Monday to Friday, 9am and 6pm. She looks forward to helping you connect more deeply to the land and the cosmos.

How Can These Help Me

Whether you want to align your land to the energies of the Unity Consciousness Grid; create a Sacred Space to meditate in; or align the energies of your land and house; Paulina’s rituals and ceremonies can assist you.

Paulina’s rituals and ceremonies create physical or etheric medicine wheels on your land that will align the energies and create a harmonious environment to work or meditate in. As a specialist in creating and delivering rituals and ceremonies, she can work with you to design unique spiritual Rituals and Ceremonies, or Blessings that will bless, honour and lift the energies of your land, or help you create exactly what you want for Birthing and Naming Ceremonies, Land Healing, Medicine Wheels and Sacred Symbol Placements, Space Clearing and Energy Alignment that are unique to your needs.

What Will I Notice After A Consultation, Ritual and Ceremony, Land Healing Or Sacred Symbol Placement

Medicine Wheel 2As our planet changes and evolves we are all encouraged to do the same. Paulina’s rituals and ceremonies, and all her blessings and medicine wheels will enable you to connect to the Earth and align with the energies of the cosmos in your daily life. Each of her rituals and ceremonies is created to help you live a more balanced, healthy and connected life, and as Paulina’s consultancy helps you create Sacred Space on your land and in your homes, your energy fields will begin to align with the sacred presence of All That Is. This connection created through her rituals and ceremonies encourages devic energies to interact with you and share their wisdom, and helps you develop a stronger connection to the invisible realms.

To find out about more Harmonious Earth Consultations that Paulina offers go to: https://www.matrixharmonics.com/harmonious-earth-interactions/harmonious-earth-consultation-services/ To book a consultation contact Paulina by phone 0439 947 109 between Monday to Friday, 9am and 6pm

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