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Paulina Howfield has been interviewed by numerous media organisations in Print, Radio and TV. She is happy to be contacted for media interviews and consultations and is open to discussing her different works streams to suit your programme content. See below for the links to hear, view or read some of her interviews:

  • Discussion with Lana Marconi, Director of Orenda & FiveD.TV – 7th May, FiveD.TV speaks with Paulina about Earth as a living, breathing being and how people can communicate with the planet for a more connected experience. Paulina is also featured in our award-winning film Orenda also on FiveD.TV to watch. Streaming now is “Earth Whisperer” on

  • Interview on NOOSA FM – 22nd April, 2019 – Paulina  spoke about – the energy template underneath Notre Dame and its effects on our Collective Consciousness; her book ‘Remembering Isis’ about the energy templates on Malta; and the memory of the Divine Feminine in our psyches. The recording cuts out a bit at the end, as we were on a time frame. You can listen to it here

  • Notre Dame and Its Effects on our Consciousness’, April 19th, 2019 – In this online event Paulina shared her knowledge as an Earth energy specialist, grid engineer and esoteric map-maker, to explain how the fire at Notre Dame has triggered shadow aspects of our collective unconscious. At the end of her talk, Paulina led a 15 minutes healing meditation to help participants step-out of collective programming. Watch this event here

  • Interview on Noosa FM – 4th March 2019 – Paulina talks with Josanne Falla about her near death experience, consciousness and navigating the Afterlife. Listen to their conversation here

  • Conversation with Mary Rodwell – February 2019 – Paulina chats with Mary Rodwell about recordings of higher dimensions, hybrid children, consciousness and how to energetically track clients/subjects during sessions – listen and view here

  • Believe Paranormal Radio – January 2019 – Paulina chats with Kade from Believe Paranormal Radio about some of her interactions with off planet beings, and discusses her hybrid children, the consciousness she entered during her near death, and other paranormal experiences. You can listen to what she told him here

  • Q and A Panel – 22nd August, 2018 – Paulina spoke on the Panel at the Sunshine Coast Premiere of the Award winning Documentary Orenda, discussing the force of consciousness, soul and her experiences when being interviewed for the film. You can watch the youtube video of the Panel here

  • Interview Noosa FM – 20th August, 2018 – Paulina chats with Jo Falla about her work Earth energies, and how to connect with the Soul of the Earth. Listen to the interview here

  • Paulina talks about her Work and Consciousness in the Film – ‘Orenda Force Of Consciousness’ – directed by award winning documentary maker Lana Marconi, and released on 10th May, 2018. You can view the Film trailer at:

  • Beacon of Light – ‘Over the Rainbow’ with Bob Brown – April 2017 – Paulina discusses her interactions with the Soul Consciousness of the Earth; her psychic and clairvoyant work; as well as the book she has written about the Earth and Cosmic Energies at the Goddess Temples of Malta. You can Listen to it at this link –

  • ‘Transactional Analysis – Integrative Approaches in Counselling’(Nancy Davidson)….Read now

  • ‘The Sacred Space’ – A Space Clearing Session’ (Conscious Living Magazine)…. Read now

  • ‘Energy Lines’ (NOVA Magazine)…. Read now

  • ‘A World of Traditions – An Interview with a Contemporary Shaman’ (Spirit Earth Magazine)…. Read now

  • ‘Shamanism – A Shamanic Journey’ (David Shaughnessy)…. Read now

  • ‘Personal Development and Spiritual Growth’ (93.5FM)

  • ‘Earth Energies and Sacred Sites’ (RTR FM)

  • ‘Singing With the Angels’ (6PR)

  • ‘Earth Energies and Space Clearing’ (6NR)

  • ‘Angel Day and Random Acts of Kindness’(ABC)

  • ‘Angels’ (6NR)

Print Media:

  • ‘Paulina Can Rid Your Home of Negative Energy’ (West Australian Newspaper)

  • ‘Feng Shui for Body Home and Workplace’ (Sedona Vortex Connection)

  • ‘Be An Angel Day – Practising Random Acts of Kindness’ (Australian Media)

  • ‘Setting Time Aside for a Little Piece of Heaven’ (West Australian Newspaper)


  • ‘Cosmic Agenda, UFO’s and Sacred Sites’ (NZTV)

  • ‘Symbols in Healing’ (UKTV)

  • ‘Shamanic Space Clearing’ (UKTV)

  • ‘Angels – Practising Random Acts of Kindness’ (Channel 9 News)

  • ‘Near Death Experiences’ (SBS)

  • ‘Adolescent Sexual Health Issues’ (Channel 31)


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