Community Development Training Packages

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Paulina uses her skills to provide Community Development Training Packages.  Whether you are an NGO, Government Body, College or University she will work with you to achieve your unique training and education goals. If you are a growing Community Development Organisation or a young business with new training needs, Paulina will pay attention to your specific requirements and work with you to create exactly what you want. To date she has used her skills to Design, Deliver and Manage Community and Educational Development Programmes in:

◙ Vietnam – Providing Project Management, Research, Design, Implementation and Evaluation Skills for a two year AusAID/FPA/FPWA funded ‘HIV/AIDS/BBV Life Skills Train-the-Trainer Package’ for 20,000 students, working with AusAID; FPA; FPWA; UNFPA; Marie Stopes; Population Development International; and Vietnamese Youth Organisation

◙ Australia – Designing, Implementing and Evaluating numerous ‘Psycho-Educational’, and ‘Professional Development Packages’ for Cancer Care; Solaris Care; FPWA, Health Dept WA, Education Dept WA; Breast Screen WA; Cockburn Council, University of WA; Edith Cowan University; Roe St Counselling; Sophia College; Tuart College; Relationships Australia; WA AIDS Council

◙ UK – Designing, Implementing and Evaluating numerous ‘Psycho-Educational’, ‘Train-the-Trainer’ and ‘Professional Development Packages’ for –  Hackney Council; Hendon College; ILEA; Four Winds Society; Heal Trust, Positively Women; Richmond College;  Terrence Higgins Trust

Community Development Training Packages and Skill Development

Paulina includes all of the Project/Programme Management Skills, plus:

◙ Inter-Agency Liaison
◙ Student Mentoring
◙ Peer Group Training
◙ Supervision
◙ Design and Deliver lectures and presentations
◙ Provide information sessions for professionals, government bodies, specialists and representatives

She also has experience working with Different Cultures and Languages and has Liaised and Worked with Translators: Read more

Paulina looks forward to helping you create the Programme and Training Package that you want. To discuss what she can do for you email her at or phone 0439 947109

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