Ghostbusting and Land Healing Services

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Ghostbusting Services for your Land, Home and Workplace

– Space Clearing – Psychic Cleansing – House and Land Clearing – Releasing Unwanted Entities –
– Clearing Shadow Imprints – Helping Spirits Move On –

‘Paulina is the best shaman I know to clear and bless the land, home, family system, energies in a space.
So, if your clients are good with a remote session, then she is the one!’

Paulina Howfield has provided her Ghostbusting and Land Healing Services for many years, and in many countries, and can tailor her Packages to suit your needs. She delivers her Ghostbusting and Land Healing Services in person and by remote viewing.

Paulina can help children and families who are experiencing hauntings, unexplained phenomena and strange energy manifestations. She can cleanse areas, teach families how to keep their subtle bodies, land and house clear, and creates energy templates that provide healing, balance and creativity while meeting your unique needs.

For businesses and workplaces she consults, asks questions and then designs and implements subtle energy templates that suit the needs of your business and the wants of your staff.

Paulina is a specialist in her field and has ‘Bronze Star’, ‘Silver Star‘ and ‘Gold Star’ Cleansing and Blessings Packages that she can deliver for you anywhere in the world. To find out more about her exclusive Packages go to Land Cleansing and Blessing Packages

As a telepath, clairvoyant and medium Paulina knows that Ghosts, Spirits, Entities are real, and she takes requests to clear houses and land seriously. She can also offer spirit release and space clearing, and incorporates clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience to interact with the invisible realms.

If you are bothered by ghosts or entities, it is not fun, and you may need help in clearing their energies from your home or office, and the ghosts or entities certainly need help in returning to their source.

To get the help you need contact Paulina by phone 0439 947 109 or email her at to book a Ghostbusting and Land Healing Service.


  • ‘Thanks again for your work with ‘Jarred’, to see him able to walk around the house without fear means the world to us. Jarred feels validated and safe, as a Mum, you can’t ask for more xx’

  • ‘The house feels great! Thanks a lot! There are so many angels in the house now! Let me know when you run a course on house clearing. I am very interested! Whatever realms/dimension of energy that you can access I want to as well!’

  • ‘We are so grateful for your expertise and healing work on the land. We are truly blessed to have found you’

  • ‘Paulina is the best shaman I know to clear and bless the land, home, family system, energies in a space. If your clients are good with a remote session, as well, then she is the one!’

  • ‘I just wanted to thank you so much for the work you’ve done with me thus far. I’ve spent the past two mornings making offerings to the fairies. I seem to know the spots I need to leave them and what to offer (nuts and blossoms and berries). I’ve been seeing dragonflies everywhere, as if for the first time, and reading about them has been very meaningful to me. I’ve also realized my land needs stones and I think I know where specifically to put them. I have never been able to connect with stones before and now as I sit at the pond for the first time this morning I feel the dawning of my connection to stones. There is already more synergy in my experience and moments of delight as I get to know the land in a different way. I’m so grateful to you for facilitating this connection for me.’

  • ‘I just finished reading your report… Wow, we have a shop spirit?! That is so COOL! I already welcomed her. Everything in the shop is going swimmingly! I am just now sitting down to read the second half of your report. The first half was fascinating! I’ve already tried to implement some of the suggestions. We now have a beautiful turquoise stone and amethyst on one of our display shelves. Looking forward to reconnecting and thanks again.’



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