Consciousness, Disclosure and Discernment

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Consciousness, Disclosure and Discernment

What role do Aliens, Inner Earth Beings and Extra-Terrestrials have in our Journey towards Enlightenment?

Cosmic conversations about consciousness, disclosure and discernmentPaulina has cosmic conversations with people all the time and is now recording them to share with others. She hopes you will find them interesting, even intriguing, maybe even challenging. Some of them may push you to a new frontier, or help you integrate your own thoughts about what is happening in the world. Others may inspire you or simply help you to feel less alone in this vast universe we call home.

In this ‘cosmic conversation’ between Paulina Howfield and Tilopa Hogan you can listen to a different perspective about Consciousness, Disclosure and Discernment. A perspective that comes from their combined 75 years of investigating these topics, and interacting with aliens and other beings in relation to the development of human consciousness. Together they explore and discuss the relationship between aliens and consciousness; and what needs to happen before disclosure takes place. Tilopa also shares his thoughts on how to identify the difference between ‘hive mind’ and ‘sovereign mind’. Listen here 

Part 1 – Consciousness, Disclosure and Discernment

In this first cosmic conversation about consciousness, disclosure and discernment, Paulina wanted to give Tilopa an opportunity to:

a) share his personal narrative, and his own thoughts and beliefs about what is happening and why;

b) clear up what he sees as the mis-conceptions and mis-understanding about disclosure and its relevance to consciousness; and

c) perhaps encourage further discussion about what is really happening.

This sets the foundations for a future conversation, where they will discuss some of what Tilopa placed in more detail; his experiences with craft and alien consciousness; and Paulina will share more about her own viewpoint – which although similar to Tilopa’s, has a different emphasis based on her work portfolio. The link for part two will be posted here soon

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