Paulina Howfield discusses Earth Energies

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Paulina Howfield discusses Earth Energies with Karen Crowley

Did you know our planet is alive?
Can you feel her energies in your body?

Paulina howfield discusses Earth energiesIn this ‘cosmic conversation’ Paulina Howfield discusses Earth Energies with Karen Crowley Susani. Both of them interact and work with Earth Energies and share some of their personal and professional experiences at on different places on the planet. As an Earth Energy Specialist who uses mediumship, channelling, telepathy, and remote viewing skills, Paulina interacts with the Soul of the Earth, devic beings, master energies, cosmic entities and star beings to help her understand the energies that she interacts with at different places. Karen and her husband Dominique, use practical techniques, the Solsticial Quadrilateral, and sacred geometry. Both Paulina and Karen also help homeowners and land guardians create Harmonious Human Habitats.

Our planet is a living Being with a Soul, Subtle Bodies, and Consciousness 
You can learn how to feel her energies in your body

Paulina and Karen also teach people how to interact with the energies of the Earth. In this ‘cosmic conversation’ they discuss helping people feel Earth energies in the body; and talk about the feel of different stone circles, menhirs and ancient sites. You can listen to their Conversation by clicking on the image below:

Paulina howfield discusses Earth energies

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