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In this Nova Magazine Interview Paulina Howfield discusses her work with Earth Energies, Sacred Sites, Soul Consciousness

“Life force to me is about energy. Everything is inter-connected. Absolutely everything! Everything breathes, everything is living and everything has a life force. We can start to get more sacred space by understanding that and working with the energy of everything.”

That sentence encapsulates Paulina Howfield’s attitude to her specialised work in body and planetary energy alignment, as she works around the world helping people understand their own energies and the energy in their environment.

Energy has innate properties, explains Howfield. “For example the energy of air is very different to the energy of fire. The energy of earth is very different to those two, and the energy of water is different again. If we look at those four which are the principal directional, elemental and alchemic properties then water is fluid, it will take on the shape of anything that it meets. Air will also take on shape but air we can’t see, so we’re not always clear of that happening. Fire will be directed by another element – air for example directs fire. And earth is a solid energy that is moving but it’s a more physical energy. And there are different things that we can use energy for.

Using Energy for Healing 

We can use it for healing; we can use it for activating; we can use it for just being in that space.


“Energy can also be directed by our intentions. If our intentions are not clear then we can exacerbate problems, not help them.”For example, if you have cancer cells in the body, or any form of dis-ease in the body, it can just as easily re-manifest as not re-manifest. So with massage or healing it’s really important to break the connection between those cells and the other [healthy] cells you’re working with otherwise you are giving that energy to the cancer cells. You are feeding them. It’s important to realise that energy can be fed.

Your intention is really important when you start to work with energy because energy can be light or dark. Dark energy can go just as far as light energy. It’s how we interact and work with it that gauges the results. “Bringing our intentions to bear requires focused meditation preferably utilising our visual, aural and kinaesthetic senses. The more specific we are, the clearer our intentions and according to Howfield: “The more focused we can be the easier it is for us to achieve results. The more specific we are the more the invisible beings in the energy realms can help us. It’s like, if you want a big car, well, how many different kinds of big cars are there out there in the world? Whereas if you want a red limousine that is getting really specific to the point where maybe there are no red limousines so then you have to create it.

“It’s also important to recognise one energy form from another. Energy can be a very seductive little place to get into. It can be just as seductive if you’re going down the dark path. Quite often that’s about power-power over something; whereas energy of the light is very much about empowerment. So be aware that energy is seductive and that you can easily be caught up in what the energy may be sharing with you rather than actually what’s yours,” says Howfield.

Howfield also cautions about limiting ourselves and becoming stuck in a rut. “I think one of the things that happens is that we find a technique which works, so we don’t think about trying another one.”

Combining Many Techniques and Skills

Paulina incorporates many different forms of spiritualism and healing into her work – aspects of Buddhism, Native American spirituality, hands-on-healing, kineseology, shamanic healing, transpersonal psychology.

“By combining as many things as possible I’m actually also recognising that everything is interconnected,” she explains. “There is no one discipline that is better or worse than another. They all have their place. I think part of what I do is help make the unknown familiar to people.”That’s why it helps to have a professional coach foster our potential anyone can swing a racquet and hit the ball but nobody reaches Wimbledon without a few lessons. “I think what can happen in the world of energy is that people get a taste of it, suck it and see, and then feel that they can do it. And of course they can, because absolutely any one can do it. But again it’s about recognising who we are and what’s fuelling us. So I do believe it’s important to get some training in this.”

Howfield herself has trained in integrative arts therapy, psychotherapy, shamanic healing, psychic development, feng shui and ancient sacred geometry, and uses this wisdom to reactivate sacred sites around the world and teach people about the sacred space within themselves.

“I believe sacred space is about creating space that aligns with you. You can align the energy of the mind, the body, the spirit and the emotions into a place of harmonious interaction. You can also align your body to your own purpose; your house to your purpose; and you can align your job to a particular purpose.”

Earth Consciousness

Paulina particularly enjoys working with the Earth energies because the Earth is a living; breathing being, and says:


The Earth is changing. As these sacred sites are reactivated all the energy in them is being dispersed across the planet. So the vibrations of the planet are changing. The vibrations are changing in us as well because we live on this planet. And they’re changing in our homes because our homes are on this planet. If we allow this natural information to come forward we enter a library of information that goes beyond history books.

A lot of what’s considered fact in our culture is not fact, it’s more about establishing what is reality. So if we can act as if we don’t know the whole story at every moment, as if the world is a continually new and exciting place as it is to a five year old, there is actually nothing that can put us into a rigid place, into believing that this is how things really are. Of course that also gets scary because everything we thought was real may not be real,” she says.

We have all felt the energy around us through the warm kiss of the sun or the cooling caress of a breeze, but Howfield’s experience extends such boundaries.”I can see movement, I can see energy lines around the Earth and within the Earth,” she explains. She also believes that part of the bigger picture involved in reactivating old energy sites is the balancing of our male and female aspects. “I think that’s the only way that we as individuals can move into a place of living in heaven on Earth,” she says.

“The male and female aspects in our psyches are also to do with our left and right brains. Those male/female, left/right brain issues of humanity have created an enormous power struggle over the centuries and so a lot of the healing that is going on in the mind, the body and the spirit is healing from the times of the Inquisition, the witch hunts and so on. All of these things are being reactivated in our psyches, in our cells, so there is a huge healing that is going on in the male/female aspects of our psyches and in the collective unconscious.

Australia is Ancient

“In Australia the energy is very wise, very ancient. It’s important to realise the power of such subtle energy. The Aborigines on the land here have a real sense of spirituality, a real understanding with the spirit of the Earth.”


Falling under the astrological sign of Sagittarius, Australia is ruled by the energy of fire. “Fire is a very cleansing energy,” she says and suggests that perhaps that is why Australians are currently facing such difficult issues as reconciliation and republicanism”. Howfield also believes that reclamation of the’ land is now important. “Because Australia has·been cultivated by Europeans and so on, now it is time for the roots to be fully rooted, either it’s a European root and that’s it or can we possibly create a new culture which is fully rooted in the spirit of the Earth?

It can be a blossoming time if people choose to go in that direction, “I think there are places throughout Australia that are being reactivated, such as Uluru and the MacDonald Ranges. The dolphins and whales are going up and down reactivating the song lines and energy lines on the planet. Each place gets itself ready according to wherever we are at as a collective unconscious. So there are special places in the South West and the North West such as Monkey Mia energetically lots of leylines interconnect there. And also on the Eastern coast there is a lot of energy.

Australians also inhabit ‘the’ oldest and one of the most stable lands in the world. “Because it’s some of the oldest land it holds most of the secrets. I think the Indigenous people have done a fantastic job for thousands of years about being very careful guardians of this land and of waiting for the time and doing their bit and making their own decisions accordingly. So some of the secrets will come through the land! The more we can work with the land the more we’ll understand that”.

Working on a global scale is how Howfield stays in touch with the “big picture”. “Animals and trees have the bigger consciousness plan,” Howfield says. “You’ can see that in the way animals interact. They know there is a bigger plan going on and they’re playing their part much better than we are, because they’re very good at just being. As humans we think a lot about things and then we get ‘caught up in the thinking rather than the being. We just need to look at cats to understand what it is to be.”

“We live in the’ country we live in because that country and that land energy will teach us something. It’s all energy,” Howfield continues.”Everything is inter-connected. Absolutely everything! Everything:breathes, everything is living and everything has a life force, We can start to get more sacred space by understanding that and working with the energy of everything.”

The Age of Aquarius


According to Howfield we live in an energetically exciting’ time. “We’re in the age of Aquarius” she explains. “The Aquarian is a water bearer but it is air energy. Air is all about communication. So we’re in a world of wild-fire communication. The.internet has opened the world up so much it’s unfathomable. Then water is about emotions. So we’re in a place of carrying emotions, like the water-bearer, and the emotion and the communication come together. Aquarius is also about the group; it’s about the whole picture. I believe we are at the point of no return now. It has its own momentum but that’s.not to say we can’t help it along.

I think it’s important to recognise that the Earth is on her journey now, whether we choose to align with her or not. According to Howfield the choice is ours. We can choose to see the energetic manifestations of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and floods as chaos putting humanity at risk or we can view these events as the cleansing process of a powerful lifeforce. “Part of our journey is to listen to what the Earth has to tell us. Allow the Earth’s wisdom to teach us-just let it be and understand that.


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