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Why Is Clairvoyance And Earth Energy Work Important?

(Author: Paulina Howfield, © 2012 – This article cannot be reproduced or quoted from, either wholly or in part, in any way at all, without the author’s permission)

Working with light, infusing it, re-arranging it, holding its frequencies and vibrations, and aligning it in places and things, is what I do every day in my clairvoyance and earth energy work. Sometimes I interact with and fuse light into the frequencies of the mind, body, spirit and soul of humanity – both collectively and individually. Sometimes I interact with the subtle bodies and energy frequencies of animals, plants and buildings. Also in my clairvoyance and earth energy work, I am often asked to clear imprints and help release the dead, or interact with the devic and angelic realms and multi-dimensional beings. Most often though I am called to channel and use light, to help clear, balance and align the third dimensional and multi-dimensional fields of this glorious planet Earth. To do this I use psychic vision/clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, because while using our energy, intention, heart and compassion gives results, incorporating clairvoyant vision enables us to more fully interact with the visionary geography of the Earth.

While many sites on the planet have become famous for their beauty, their energy and their history, most visitors interact without clairvoyance and view them only in 3D reality.

Avebury in Wiltshire for example, one of the most profound, important and significant energy centres in Europe, when experienced in 3D reality is a beautiful, ancient circle of stones. The stones are very large, most of them taller than the average human. They appear to be standing on end, and are very heavy, each one weighing many tonnes, while some of them seem to have oozed themselves into a shape or somehow melted into their location.Avebury and clairvoyance at Avebury stone circleThe stones in 3D have faces. They are in green fields. The fields run through a small village which was built ‘through’ the circles of stones. Nearby the stones are kennets, hills and mounds that lead off in various directions that seem to be burial mounds, and other ceremonial chambers.

In the third dimension we can appreciate the magnificence, presence and splendour of the stones. We may wish to paint or photograph them, hug them and interact with them in some profound and meaningful way, and we wonder how these giant stones got there, who put them there and what they are for.

Using Clairvoyance and Earth energy work however, we see and experience so much more.

Firstly we see lines and columns of ‘light’ that shine within them and also emanate from their edges. The ‘crystals’ in their structure sing and each stone gives off a different harmonic or note, creating a sound sequence that hits particular harmonic keys and frequencies.

We also ‘see’ stones that breathe and change shape. We can watch them rise and fall with each breath and as well as a note or a sound, they have different voices with which they communicate, using different timbres of sound that resonate at a cellular and soul level.

In Clairvoyant Vision we see and interact with the entities, beings, consciousness’s and cultures that created the circles.

We see how the circles were built, how the stones were placed, and who put them there. We watch the ‘beings’ and some of the stones moving around of their own accord – the sounds and keys helping them to move. We see angelic beings and devic presences, and we can, if invited, interact with divine beings and master frequencies that share encoded wisdom and information.

Then in another layer of vision we can also see the circles of stone in their time of glory, when they were fully functioning, with our ancestors using them, transporting themselves via the energy portals and travelling in processions and at processional times.  In yet another vision the stones and the Earth will show us how they inter-connect with the past and the present, with the crop circles, the angelic beings, and the Pleiadians. We see lines of energy that rise up from the stones reaching into the cosmos out into Sirius, out into Canopus, to the cosmic places that connect back to the visionary geography in this particular place. Then we see the energy lines that reach out across the planet, to ancient cultures in Egypt and the Mediterranean Goddess temples. We see how they align with their planetary and cosmic frequencies and we see how we can interact with and participate in the repairing, enlightening and flourishing of the visionary templates that make up Earth’s energy body.

All of this information is possible via the layers, upon layers, of clairvoyant vision – in different dimensions, different time frames and different spatial orientations. Teaching us, showing us, helping us to understand and to know what the truth is, what is really going on, and who we really are.

When we experience a place on Earth via clairvoyant vision it is truly ‘awesome’, profound and life changing. When we see and interact with the Earth and all her species and energies from at least the 4th Dimension and beyond, we begin to understand something extremely profound. That this planet is not just a living breathing entity, she is also a cosmic entity embodied within a universe of galaxies, whose beings have visited and interacted with her energy template from the beginnings of this planet’s blue prints. They have left their messages, their imprints, their wisdoms and their star gates, all over her body, and humanity was placed here as a sentient species in order to interact with her in a symbiotic, multi-dimensional way.

This interaction was designed to lead the sentient species (in this case humanity) on an intense spiritual, galactic and multi-dimensional journey. A journey of deep remembering and profound connection with its cosmic ancestry, that leads beyond the illusion of time and space, back to the beginnings, the star seedings, and the nothingness of all that is and all that will be.

The learning we receive, offers the deep knowing that all ancient spiritual teachings discuss. The understanding that we are nothing without all that there is. We are a part of everything, and nothing stands in isolation. Yet we also realise our insignificance in the greater plan – that our presence on this planet is less than a nano-second in the plan of the cosmos.

The new awareness, in turn, helps us move beyond our desires for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren. We go beyond the seven generations of the Cherokee, and we move into the grace and beauty of true loving inter-connection. The Earth around and within us thrives and glows with vibrant energy. The mythologies that we have carried in our DNA and collective consciousness are dissolved into the light, and we are re-born and our bodies are the light. We are the light bodies. And the light is all there is. And as lightworkers we know this to be true – no matter how it manifests.

So as a lightworker, who is working with the light. If you are not sure what to do next, or feel that you might like to try something new, develop your clairvoyant/psychic skills and start to use clairvoyance and earth energy work, to learn more about yourself, and our planet, and connect even more deeply with the Earth. For the universe awaits you!


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