Alien Contact Helps Access Our Cosmic Essence

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Alien Contact Helps Access Our Cosmic Essence – 
It also Teaches us about Multi-Dimensional Consciousness

Different Realities

We live in a multiple universe that is full of different realities and home to numerous other beings, and close encounters with these beings has occurred on this planet for hundreds and thousands of years. All ancient cultures have stories of such interactions. Some of these cultures actually evolved from these beings, while others were imparted with knowledge and skills that helped them develop relationships with the planet, read the heavens and connect to their cosmic essence. Some ancient cultures left this planet with the assistance of beings from other places, some in flying vehicles and others by entering into the inner Earth.

Beings from other places are also responsible for creating and imprinting the energies of our planet, and almost all sacred sites on our planet contain energetic imprints, inscriptions and symbolic resonances that were deliberately placed and activated at certain time in our planet’s history by beings from other worlds.

Having Close Encounters

So having close encounters with non-Earth beings is not a new phenomenon. Yet our western culture has been struggling with the idea of such encounters for a few hundred years as science, logic and sequential thinking has become the collective way to interpret and make sense of this planet and the universe.

Fortunately, Earth based cultures never lost the knowledge of such encounters and as the west moves towards a more heart-centred existence some of their teachings are again being shared. We also have more capacity to record encounters than ever before, whether with video and audio, and as more of us share our own stories and experiences, our understanding of such encounters, their potential meaning and potential consequences develops.


Many of the beings that visit and we have close encounters with are very curious about our species. Some are in third dimensional form and completely physical, while others have a more non-physical countenance and can be seen or interacted with as non–physical, light essence beings. Some of them are studying our species, what we do, how we think, how we express emotions, and how we reproduce. Some have no interest in our species at all and are here for other reasons.

While people are familiar with the greys and reptilian forms, as often seen in movies and TV productions or in documentaries that focus on such encounters, there are many types of beings that we can have encounters with. Encounters are not always easy for our species and some beings we interact with do not feel benevolent, however many of them are very friendly, extremely loving and help us grow and change spiritually.

I have been fortunate to interact with numerous entities and beings. Some live in other dimensions, some reside within the inner Earth and others are hybrids and live on our planet. In my clairvoyant and esoteric map-making work for example I interact with different beings depending on the task they need me to do, or the task I need their help with. In my own experiences the beings in my close encounters have been positive and life affirming and very interested in my work with earth energies and the changing face of human consciousness.  Some of them though do have quite strong presences that can affect the body.

Mantis Beings

The praying mantis beings for example have a very strong presence. In my experiences they make a humming and clicking noise but actually communicate telepathically. There is a smaller praying mantis variety – like the worker drones – that I have not had much to do with, but they are often present when I interact with the bigger praying mantis beings.

The bigger ones are of a golden colour and have a higher frequency to the smaller drones. They are very large and very tall, and have the responsibility of looking after and supervising specific areas of the natural world. I interact with them for supervision of their sites – helping them maintain a galactic connection to other realms – and also assist them in keeping their waterways and energy channels in good condition. While their energy fields are strong and when encountered unexpectedly can knock a physical form to the ground, (which happened to a friend of mine) I have found them to be very highly evolved and not concerned with abductions or damaging the human species.

Hairy Beings

At certain places in the Earth there are beings that stand about one to two feet in height. They are covered in hair and have long fingers and toes. They have round heads with big eyes.

They have very sharp teeth and tell me this helps keep nosy humans away. I have found them to be very funny and they like to laugh a lot, however they have important earth work to do and are very interested in the effects of heat upon the ground.

There are many other beings that I interact with on a regular basis and the two mentioned above just aim to demonstrate that not all beings – even of the same species – are here for sinister means, to abduct humans or participate in genetic or animal manipulations.

Our Galactic Neighbourhood

As our species becomes more galactic in our consciousness, close encounters of all different varieties will become even more commonplace.

While not all encounters leave a happy imprint in our bodies and emotions, we each have different reasons for interacting with some beings and they all have things to teach us in our close encounters. While some of my childhood encounters left me shaken and uncertain, I personally see interactions with other beings as a blessing and an opportunity, and I am extremely grateful for the faith they put in me and the companionship they provide.

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