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Inter-Cultural Liaison Skills are an important part of Community Education Development

Paulina is experienced in providing inter-cultural liaison skills and inter-cultural teaching methodologies for international education programmes, and believes that in our multi-cultural world, our training design and delivery needs to consider this at every stage of creation and completion.

She has years of experience in working with different cultures and languages and has liaised and worked with translators for :

◙ Public Speaking, Training Delivery and Lecturing;
◙ Media Presentations; and
◙ Consulting in the Design, Delivery and Interpretation of Bi-Lingual Training Manuals

Even if you are not a Community Educator or Training Developer the needs of different cultures are relevant to how we communicate effectively. This is not just about words that we use and the verbal language we include, but also the non-verbal messages we share. Over 80% of the way we interact and communicate is based on our non-verbal skills so its important to consider how we move, what we do with our hands and any non-verbal cultural norms that are specific to the cultures we are designing for.

Paulina has also worked with non-English speakers, trainers and educators to:

◙ Translate Written Material;
◙ Combine Teaching Methodologies; and
◙ Create Training Manuals that are Culture, Language and Gender Specific

If you want to know more about a Package or Education Programme, or would like to discuss how Paulina can create one that suits your particular requirements, go to our Contact Page and send a query email or telephone 00 61 439 947 109

2 Responses to Inter-Cultural Liaison Skills

  1. saiid Ahmed says:

    Hey I will like someone who knows how to encourage someone who wants to increase skills to develop more experience. I’m very shy guy and I would like to learn how to deliver a good speech in front of the public and feel very comfortable while speaking as well as very clear so people can understand what I’m talking about.
    I would really appreciate that if you encourage me some tips or an ideaso that will help me to be successful.

  2. Paulina says:

    Hi saiid Ahmed, it’s great that you want to speak well, I hope these tips will encourage you and help you do better
    Here are five basic tips to better communication and delivering a good speech:
    1) Prepare ahead and know your subject
    2) Breathe and take your time when talking
    3) Talk about something that you know well or are passionate about
    4) Practice what you want to say while looking in the mirror – see how you move and look when you are speaking; hold your head up; stand up straight; make eye contact with them – if it is not against your cultural beliefs
    5) Watch the tone in your voice – is it dull and flat or inviting and engaging

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