Testimonials for Paulina’s Space Clearing and Feng Shui

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Testimonials for Paulina’s Space Clearing & Feng Shui Consultations

These testimonials for Paulina’s Space Clearing and Training in Space Clearing will help you understand her services and how she helps clear land, houses and family spaces.

You can also visit her Archived Articles page and Media page to read two interviews that discuss Paulina’s Space Clearing consultancy, or click on the links at the bottom of the page:

I run my company from a small office in my home. Paulina gave me practical and down-to-earth advice, which enabled me to make better use of a small space. I now enjoy being in my office. I have more clarity in my workspace, my concentration is better and I am far more productive (Andy Boothman, UK)

A week after a Space Clearing from Paulina our business almost doubled its income. By the end of the first month we needed to expand our business into bigger premises (Fruit & Vegetable Wholesaler, Australia)

We had moved premises and our company was undergoing transition. Feng Shui has helped our company settle into the new premises. We are more stable, work better as a team and feel less stressed in our busy and demanding company (Director, Xanadu, UK)

Since Paulina did a consultation on our premises we have won three awards for excellence in tourism. The staff are happy and harmonious and clients just seem to be drawn in off the street  (Director, Pinnacle Travel, Australia)

Paulina’s Space Clearing and Feng Shui has made a wonderful difference to my flat. It is lighter and more friendly. I am more relaxed as a result and my relationship with others has improved immensely
(Ron Holland, UK)

A month has passed since Paulina did ‘Space Clearing’ at our new premises, and everyone on the Conscious Living Team feels her cleansing and aligning practices have been a true blessing: morale is better, production levels have increased, and the environment is more welcoming (Conscious Living, WA)

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