Meditation with the Angels

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Meditation with the Angels – Online Event
facilitated by Paulina Howfield

This Meditation with the Angels took place on the 22nd August 2020

It was the 25th anniversary of a series of Meditation with Angels events that Paulina led back in 1995. Back then, the Angels asked her to create an event called ‘Be An Angel Day – Practice Random Acts of Kindness’, that was to be linked up across the world on the 22nd August.

The 22nd August 1995 was considered a cosmic date by her friends in the angelic realms, so Paulina followed their advice and paid attention to their wishes, and reached out to meditation teachers, healers and lightworkers across the planet.

This was done without internet connection and yet people in 22 countries across the globe created their own events to link up with hers so that across the body of this Earth, for a 24 hours period, angelic meditations and random-acts-of-kindness were practiced all over, all through and all across the planetary gridlines.

Angels are positive, unconditional and loving.
They are ready and willing to offer support, guidance and healing to our species and our planet.

So twenty five years later, the Angels once again asked Paulina to help people make contact with the angelic realms and develop their own relationships with them, and so this 2020 Meditation with the Angels was created. It was a small group event put together on her facebook page but done in accordance with the message from the Angels that as this next phase of our Collective Awakening unfolds, many beings from the Angelic Realms are gathering to help us MANIFEST LOVE, LIGHT AND WELLNESS.  

The image link below, takes you to the recording of that Meditation with the Angels, which will help you connect deeply with the angelic realms, and interact with angels on a daily basis in your everyday life.

If you are ready to make contact with the angels put on some headphones, make yourself comfortable, and prepare to let the angels ease your fears, and open your heart and mind to the New Possibilities for our life on this Planet!

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