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Contents this ISSUE:

  • Changing our lives in 2012
  • Readings and Ghostbusting
  • Bali and the Healers
  • Cirque du Soleil and Mayan Elders
  • Orbs and the Paranormal
  • Tuatha De Danaan
  • The Crystal Skulls
  • Hitching Post of the Sun CD
  • BALI – Solar Initiation Pilgrimage

Changing our lives in 2012

Once again I would like to welcome the new people receiving this newsletter and look forward to a long relationship with you. The last of our emotional body belief systems are dissipating as we continue our journey into the light. And the parts of ‘us’ that gathered together to make our body according to our unique soul agreements are flying off to unite with antiparticles.

What a glorious time to be alive as more of us awaken to who we are, and the ancient agenda that we are all a part of. As the year progresses more people are being activated and many Elders in indigenous cultures are celebrating the changes that are taking place as we remember and re-connect. In fact according to the Devas many a rumbling in the Earth is actually the ancient ones and the stones themselves, beginning to celebrate what is happening.

The Pleiadians say that Ascension is our re-immersion within the Garden of Eden – to begin to live with our star memory open.

So the questions to consider in 2012 are –
How connected to the stars are you?
Have you cleansed the archetypal and elemental energy imprints from your subtle bodies?
How easily do you reign in your mental energies and not fall into old patterns of behavior and thinking?
How is your karma doing?and
How much joy do you have in your life?

Readings and Ghostbusting


Can be done in person, by phone or on skype. Readings are or 30 or 60 minutes and can explore past lives, spiritual and soul issues, karmic interactions, chakra balancing, and connecting with the angelic and devic realms.


Can be done by phone, skype or in person Any of the following can be done: Space Clearing & Psychic Cleansing; Releasing unwanted Entities; Clearing imprints; Helping spirits move into the light. For more information go to contact page at website and make a request.

Bali and the Healers

In December I was fortunate to visit the lovely island of Bali that is be-loved by the Hindus and home to many thousands of their temples. It is also home to one of the oldest Mother Temples that resonates beautifully with the energies of the islands glorious mountains and waterways. I spent time interacting and working with dragon lines and solar initiation sites, and was asked by the Devas to create a new Meditation process and Bali Pilgrimage (see later).

The locals believe that Bali has a magical and mysterious energy and their respect for the unseen worlds makes every day an opportunity for blessing and rituals. I saw many ceremonies while there and participated in a few as well. I was also honoured to be invited to interact and spend time with three Master healers. Each of them works in different ways. One uses plants and medicines. Another oils and energy techniques, and the third uses knives and other implements to perform a kind of psychic surgery. What a blessing!

Orbs and the Paranormal

If you are like me almost all your photos these days have orbs or paranormal phenomenon in them. Even when I want to take a picture of a drain – I kid you not – light beings, winged creatures and colourful orbs dance across the picture. This is great for our sense of being part of the invisible world and having it manifested more regularly in our lives.

But what do these orbs really mean? And why do they keep showing up?

Scientists tell us it is the nature of a digital cam-era and its capacity to capture dust and moisture and reflect the light of the Sun. But the beings who come into my photos tell me that they are occurring more and more to let us know that a) the veils between worlds has got thinner and b) that beings are always around us even if we cant see them.

Cirque du Soleil and Mayan Elders

Throughout 2012, on the March 21st Equinox, the June 21st Solstice, and the September 21st, Equinox, Cirque de Soleil will present special performances with themes that embody the wisdom of the ancients, the secrets of the Great Shift of the Ages, and the connection between the mysteries of the heart and the awakening of human consciousness. At the heart of each performance will be the wish to open the mind and the heart of humanity to the Ascension process, and to the prospect of a beautiful future in a whole new world. The year of ceremonies will culminate in a mega-event that will broadcast live, from the Great Pyramid at Chichen Itza on the 2012 Solstice. Carlos Santana, will be the Master of Ceremonies and it will include an unprecedented, full regalia ceremony with the Mayan Elders.

Tuatha De Danaan

In Irish folk tradition, the Tuatha de Danaan are a mythical faery race that variously came by sea from the north, from the air on clouds or from the Atlantic. The Tuatha de Danaan are said to be descended from Danu, the Celtic mother goddess, and it is claimed that they have four magical treasures – a cauldron, spear, stone and sword.

All ancient cultures mention the Tuatha, even thought they have different names for them, as the early races and the early cosmic beings who settled this planet and helped us create the Earth world.

Last year while I was in Ireland they showed up and interacted with me. It was such a blessing and an hon-our. They also had some interesting things to tell me about my own spiritual and cosmic lineage. They even jumped into one of my photos.

The Crystal Skulls

During 2011 Hunbatz Men and other Elders travelled across the states of America, having meetings and gatherings with caretakers of the Crystal Skulls. They have great importance in our under-standing of the past and Earth’s place in the Universe. The Navajo believe that the skulls are a map of our human potential and contain the very paradigm of our human capabilities. They set our limitations, and define what we are and what we are able to become. They are also a part of the crystal matrix that links all of us on this Earth with the rest of the universe. Earth is spinning through space and sometimes less than 50 light years away are supernova that could completely destroy the Earth. According to the Navajo the only control we have to prevent this are the Crystal Skulls.

Hitching Post of the Sun: CD and MP3

This 40 minutes shamanic meditation can be used by groups and individuals to re-connect with the healing energies of the Earth and the Sun. It enables re-connection with Ancient planetary wisdom and your ‘I AM’ Presence. It will also help cleanse your energy fields, prepare your body for Ascension and re-connect your mind, body, soul and spirit.

Thanks to Shaun Winslow, the tunings and rhythm of the backing music to this guided meditation are linked to Hans Cousto’s calculations for the theoretical frequency of the Sun, 32312.52 HZ from ‘The Cosmic Octave’. During March, this CD can be purchased with 10% discount

Bali: Solar Initiation TOUR 2012

Solar Initiation TOUR, MAY 12th—17th 2012

Visit and interact with Sun Temples, Dragons Lines and Hindu Temples. Plus be part of a SOLAR INITIATION CEREMONY at one of the oldest working Temples on the planet. On this five day tour participants will visit and interact with many of the ancient temples on the Island of Bali. You will also have the chance to:
– Swim with dolphins,

– Connect with devas and angelic beings,
– Learn how to make organic cremes and massage oils,
– Have lunch with a local healer, and
– Make a Balinese Kite.

** Flights and Accommodation are not included in this price.
** A group booking will be made at a five star hotel in UBUD for the duration of the tour.

To find out more and book a place at the early bird price (before March 31st) of $2,100 go to contact page at the website or ph: 0061 439 947 109

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•Journalists and TV Presenters in the US stumble over words and talk gobbledegook…..


Paulina has trained in numerous traditional and esoteric disciplines including education, psychotherapy, art therapy, counselling, shamansim, healing, psychic development, mediumship and space clearing. For over twenty five years she has interacted with individuals, businesses and organisations in a training capacity, while also travelling the world interacting and working metaphysically with Earth energies and beings in other realms. She runs Tours and Pilgrimages to sacred places, is an Earth Energy Consultant, Artist, Author and Public Speaker.

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