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UK PROBE Conference Saturday 26th March (2pm – 3pm) ST Annes, BLACKPOOL One hour presentation at a two day conference. I will be discussing the Cosmic Agenda for Earth Changes, my work as a grid engineer, and showing images and explaining some of my recent work with Dragon Lines and Lemurian energies in Peru and New Zealand. I will also have paintings, and CD’s of Talks and Meditations available for purchase.


‘Singing with the Angels’ Saturday 2nd April (9am – 5pm) Stirling, Scotland – Using sound and colour we raise the vibrations of the body to interact and ‘Sing With the Angels’– you do not have to be able to sing to attend this workshop!

‘Pathway to the Stars’ Saturday 16th April (10am – 5pm) Belfast, Ireland – Metaphysical and Esoteric Training to learn how to use the body as a portal to travel the ancient pathways to connect with the cosmic self; and interact with other dimensions and beings from other galaxies.

‘Grid Engineering Training’ Saturday 23rd April (9am to 5pm)– London – One day Training workshop that combines the two principle courses in my Earth Energy Consciousness Training Programme (more information on website), to prepare participants for upcoming Earth Tours, Pilgrimages and Earth Energy Workshops.

Earth Pilgrimages and Crop Circle Tours

‘Interacting with the Geomythic Landscape of Ancient Avalon’ 1st to 6th MayFive days Pilgrimage of Transformation interacting with the ancient sites and Earth Energies that are geomythically connected to the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

‘Crop Circle Interactions’ Thursday 19th May (10am – 9pm) Southwest UK – One day tour to experience and interact with Crop Circles.

‘Re-birthing the Thames’ Saturday 21st May (10am – 5pm) London – One day discovery tour of some of the ancient sacred sites along the Thames River and in the East end area of London.

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