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Mediumship and Clairvoyant Consultations that deliver intuitive interpretations, psychic readings and ghostbusting services for your home, land or workplace.

Soul Readings

Paulina does 30 minutes and 1 hour Readings in person, by phone or on skype. Readings can be done with or without cards. To discuss what you want, or make a booking with Paulina, contact her today….Your Soul is calling out…can you hear the Whispers?

Image of a selection of the Paulina Howfields Soul Whispers Cards For these Readings Paulina uses her deck of Soul Whispers Cards that she created. There are 44 cards in a pack and each Card combines one of her photographs of the natural world with her own psychological and spiritual affirmations. The ‘Soul Whispers’ Cards were created to help bring Peace and Calm to your daily life, and help you develop a focus for your Meditations. To learn more about these Readings and others click here

Ghostbusting Services

Paulina has been delivering her Ghostbusting and Land Healing Services for many years, and in many countries, and can tailor her Packages to suit your needs. She delivers her Ghostbusting and Land Healing Services in person and by remote viewing and her Consultations can focus on – Space Clearing – Psychic Cleansing – House And Land Clearing – Releasing Unwanted Entities – Clearing Shadow Imprints – Helping Spirits Move On:

Spirits and ghostbustingWhen Paulina delivers Ghostbusting Services she incorporates clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience to experience and interact with the invisible realms. To read more about her Ghostbusting Consultations and view testimonials click here

Card and Rune Readings:

Paulina uses her skills in mediumship, clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience to deliver readings that help you understand more about your unique patterns, past lives and soul issues. She can also decipher the energies in your subtle bodies and help you identify what you have come to embrace and let go of. Her Past Life Patterning and Soul Issues Readings can be tailored to enable you to:

Readings jpeg – Explore emotional & subtle body imprints
– Learn about your spiritual and soul issues
– Find out about your past lives
– Source your energetic patterning
– Discover your unique chakra blockages

 Readings are for 15 or 30 minutes and can be done in Person, by Phone or on Skype. To read more about Card and Rune Readings click here


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