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Paulina has been interviewed by numerous media organisations in Print, Radio and TV. Here are the links to view or read some of her interviews. She is happy to be contacted for interviews and is open to discussing her different works streams to suit your programme content.


‘Transactional Analysis in Counselling’, Nancy Davidson, 2007

‘Paulina can rid home of Negative Energy’ – West Australian Newspaper 2004

‘The Sacred Space – a Space Clearing Session’ – Conscious Living Magazine, 2002

‘Energy Lines’ – NOVA, 1998

‘Feng Shui for Body Home and Workplace’ – Sedona Vortex Connection, US, 1996

‘Be An Angel Day – Practising Random Acts of Kindness’ – Australian Media, 1995

‘Setting time aside for little piece of Heaven’ – West Australian Newspaper, 1995

‘A World of Traditions – An interview with a Contemporary Shaman’ – Spirit Earth Magazine, 1994

‘Shamanism – A Shamanic Journey’ – David Shaughnessy, 1994


‘Cosmic Agenda, UFO’s and Sacred Sites’ – NZTV, 1999

‘Symbols in Healing‘ – Mind, Body and Spirit, UKTV

‘Shamanic Space Clearing’ – UKTV, 1997

‘Angels – Practising Random Acts of Kindness’ – Channel Nine News, 1995

‘Near Death Experiences’ – SBS, 1994

‘Adolescent Sexual Health Issues’ – Channel 31


‘Personal Development and Spiritual Growth’ – 93.5FM, 2001

Earth Energies and Sacred Sites’ – RTR FM, 1999

‘Singing With the Angels’ – 6PR, 1998

Earth Energies and Space Clearing’ – 6NR, 1998

Random Acts of Kindness’ – ABC, 1995

‘Angels’ – 6NR, 1995

‘Over the Rainbow’ – 990AM 1999 – 2003
Presenter and producer of  weekly Radio Programme. One hour broadcast for Community Radio Station that focused on Earth Changes, Metaphysics, Healing and Mind/Body/Spirit Issues

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