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Testimonials Shamanic Workshops

Paulina has been creating and facilitating Shamanic Workshops since the 1980s. She runs them in the US, UK and Australia and aims to make them enlightening and experiential, so that participants have a direct experience of the energy that exists in the multi-dimensional worlds we are part of.

Whether she is teaching how to ‘Speak from the Heart’; how we ‘Answer the Call’; how we can ‘Strengthen the Heartbeat’; how to ‘Wake the Dreamer Within; or helping city dwellers become ‘Urban Shamans’, her focus is always to enable those present to learn interactive energy techniques; develop shamanic skills; and become proficient energy workers.

‘The shamanic journey led by Paulina was my first experience of shamanism, but I found it opened for me a portal, into being ever present, yet stretching into the deepest past and richness of the future’.

‘Paulina’s work is of a manifold nature, covering dimensions of healing, awakening, connecting and teaching. As a global shamanic energy worker, she has become a vehicle for energy, clearly communicating the symbols of our world and our times’.

‘Paulina has a profound understanding of the many manifestations of energy, and radiates a wisdom and stillness that is both awe-inspiring and healing. Her teachings embody a truth that is connected to the deepest part of ourselves’.

‘Shamans have always played the role of the link between the sacred and mundane worlds, for they see the sacred in all things. Paulina in her work is this shamanic archetype, yet she speaks in the language of our culture’.

‘Paulina enables others to realise that they have the ability to perform their own self healing and improve their self-understanding. This sows a seed of desire in people to find their own path’.

‘Paulina enables others to realise that they have the ability to perform their own self healing, yet in being connected, she facilitates the healing of others’.


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