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‘Singing with the Angels’ Workshops Testimonials

image of singing with the angels‘Singing with the Angels’ is a workshop designed by Paulina to help participants enter the higher dimensions to interact with the Angelic Realms. This one day workshop is also a powerful chakra cleanser and energy balancer. Paulina has delivered this workshop at Expos and Conferences as well as private events. These testimonials come from participants who attended the workshops in the UK, US and Australia.

I never believed it was possible to reach such a high level of vibration while being in a physical body. To be up there with the angels and yet still be aware of my physical body. Amazing! (Mary Davis, Middlesex, UK)

Since I attended “Singing with the Angels” my body is lighter, I laugh more and take things less seriously. (Jean Bishop, UK)

When I heard the angels singing with us, my heart opened and the tears flowed. Then I felt my guardian angel wrap his wings around me and tell me everything was OK. A profound and humbling experience. (Trevor Walker, Australia)

I really felt my own angelic presence and when my wings opened on my back it was like years of worry lifting away. (Dan Travis, USA)

The sounds we created were wonderful. I feel I’ve bathed in light. (John Traighton, Ealing, UK)

I have had chronic fatigue for just over three years. Since ‘Singing with the Angels’ two months ago, I haven’t felt tired at all and the aches and pains I used to feel every day have disappeared. (Julie Biggs, Penzance, UK)

Sing in public – never! Sing with the angels – anytime! (J Bouys, USA)

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