Paulina talks about her Near Death Experience

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Near Death Experience

paulina howfield talks about her near death experienceIn this interview/cosmic conversation, Paulina Howfield talks about her near-death experience, and discusses her experiences in the Light. She also mentions other aspects of her near death experience and shares: 1) some of her past life memories; 2) how she felt in the Ocean Of Consciousness; 3) what the Four Directions taught her about the creation of matter; and 4) what she was taught about how to navigate the Afterlife and Astral Realms after death.

Paulina’s near death experience took place in 1986, and was a catalyst for a deep soul remembering. Since then she has spoken about her near death experience at numerous conferences and in interviews. This interview took place in 2016. Apart from obvious changes and insights that take place during a near death experience, there are insights and integrations that occur over many years. An experience can also leave a person with a sense of a mission – which happened to Paulina, and she discusses that here.

In her particular situation Paulina believes her soul triggered her to remember what she came to do, and allowed her to do it with wakeful consciousness.  While her experiences during her near death have facilitated her mission, it has also led her on a journey of deep remembering towards total soul. She has also interacted and worked with the four directions in very profound ways, as an Earth energy/geo-mythic lightworker; as a shamanic student and practitioner; in her healing and energy work; and also in relation to understanding the pathways of the Afterlife as discussed in all spiritual traditions. Via the link below, you can listen to one of her cosmic conversations, which she shares in the hope it will resonate and perhaps help listeners get a better understanding of near-death experiences and the journey through the afterlife. Here is the link

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