Near Death Experiences and The SOUL

Are Near Death Experiences Encoded By The SOUL Before Birth?

What if ‘Near Death Experiences’ are actually encoded into our subtle bodies before birth? What if they are placed there by our SOUL before we incarnate, to help us wake up to our purpose, and also initiate the process of deep remembering that supports us in Surrendering the Ego to the SOUL?

near death experiences and the soul Considering these questions, can change the way we research near death experiences and help us move towards a greater understanding of what near death experiences are and why they happen. It also helps us develop a deeper spiritual knowledge and understanding about how the soul operates and how it shares knowledge through multiple incarnations.

Investigating near death experiences from the view of a SOUL that is prompting us to awaken and connect with purpose, can also provide insight and wisdom for those who feel separate, who have no interest in life and strive to find meaning and purpose. What they can teach us can help us bridge the soul and the ego and start Living with SOUL while we are still alive and in a physical body.

The SOUL and the EGO

In any embodiment of being a human, the Soul can have its greatest impact when there is a close relationship between the Soul and Ego, as this strengthens the capacity for the Soul’s work. A close relationship helps the Ego surrender its hold, thus facilitating the Soul’s multi-dimensional nature to take hold and fully embody ALL THAT IS.

While each person’s NDE will be relevant to their past Soul experiences and relative to what their purpose is in any lifetime, helping the Ego to surrender its hold creates a very different life for the being who returns. A life lived via Soul in connection with Consciousness, is very different to a life lived via Ego without Consciousness, without connection and full of separation. The Soul knows this and wants itself to grow as much as it can during each incarnation – while also facilitating each human incarnation to fulfil its purpose.

So before incarnation, our Soul chooses a body, its parents, a country of birth, a gender, its petty tyrants, specific meetings with significant others, and certain agendas that it aims to fulfil. Some of these plans are best fulfilled via experiencing/remembering the Sea of Consciousness that we are all a part of. This Sea of Consciousness is timeless, formless and full of unconditional love. It has no judgement, no separation, no beginning and no end. And this is what we experience in an NDE.

Near Death Experiences and the Sea of Consciousness

In this Sea of Consciousness we experience existence without the binding of the Ego and the sense of separation that is created by our thoughts. We become aware that we are not our bodies, that nothing exists in isolation and nothing is separate. There is a sensation of unconditional love, profound joy and wisdom and a deep connection that saturates the cells of the body leaving permanent change.

Whether the experience involves meeting loved ones or religious figures or bathing in the light of consciousness or, conversely, involves experiences that are debilitating and frightening to our human selves, the Soul is always providing the best opportunity for growth, understanding and awakening. These experiences are visceral interactions with universal consciousness and the non-physical realms that are meant to be transformative. The Soul has no 3D judgement and doesn’t make things good or bad – it simply knows it volunteered for the experiences, always for deeper growth and further understanding.

What does a Near Death Experience Teach Us?

While the effects of an NDE and what it teaches is also dependent on what each of us came to do and need to remember, I believe NDEs also aim to help experiencers grow and develop to eventual permanent Awakening. So the experience itself is not just an indication of what happens after we die. It is a prompt or nudge for what we do next with regard to permanent awakening and is a deliberate trigger to help us embody this truth and incorporate that awareness in all that we do in our lives.

So they prompt experiencers to embrace Dying as a metaphysical and spiritual concept, whereby the individual can focus on learning how to prepare for the Afterlife and navigate the energies that exist there. This is important, as how we navigate the Afterlife – or what the Buddhists call the Bardot – helps us liberate our Souls from the cycle of free will. Reincarnation continues until a Soul’s every thought and action within a physical body is in accord with the plan that is originally laid out. When the body/mind is no longer a hindrance to the free expression of the Soul – and the conscious mind has merged with the subconscious and super-conscious – the earth cycle is finished and the Soul is liberated. It attains complete human-divine unity, its cycle of reincarnations is finished, and the soul then merges with its spirit and, therefore, with Consciousness. At this time the Soul record (memory) is forever retained. This record is, at all times, the sum total of what the Soul personality has been: all it has thought, all it has experienced; all it has eaten, drunk, and felt through the ages.

Total Soul Recall and Sense of Purpose

This Total Soul Recall is important to every Soul’s journey and helps each human fulfill a purpose. It can also help western culture understand that the Soul’s quest for permanent awakening is critical to understanding why NDE’s occur and how they impact lives. It is also important and relevant to how they are investigated and explained, because there is a purpose to these experiences that cannot be quantified, measured and tested in the investigative style of the left brain.

Many who have experienced a near death talk about a mission; a sense of purpose, and/or an understanding of Something Other. This remembering of a purpose – at the deepest part of our being – is part of the awakening that comes with an NDE. As we remember we re-connect, we realise who we really are, what we came to do and how we can best fulfil our unique purpose. Our sense of connection to Something Other is the recognition of our multi-dimensional nature, our Soul and our inter-connectedness with all things in all realms.

NDEs drop us into the heart, take our breath away and dissolve the words. Understanding them via the expressions of our Soul and engaging with them through multi-dimensional truths is a profound way to learn more about them and can potentially help all of humanity as we move deeper into the spiritual evolution of our species. This enables us to bridge the Ego and Soul with insight and deeper truth and also embody Consciousness while in human form. It helps us to die with peace and certainty and easily navigate the stormy waters of the collective unconscious and astral realms after death of the physical body. It also enables us to know what to surrender to, and how to embrace ‘paying attention’ rather than trying to fix things. Ultimately it also teaches us about the realms of consciousness and multi-dimensions that we are a part of and helps us recall the truth, so that we may journey consciously back through the stars and fully re-merge with the Source.

Paulina Howfield had a near death experience in 1986. It was a catalyst for a deep soul remembering and left her with a sense of mission and purpose for this incarnation that is a continuance of other incarnations on this planet. It is also the foundation to her work with the Earth and our human consciousness. Since the near death experience, she has also integrated numerous aspects and discovered more about her own experiences as well, including her insights about how the Soul can place the triggers for these spiritually awakening experiences. You can listen to more about her experience at the links below that lead to a selection of interviews and talks that focus on Paulina’s near death experience and her understanding of soul triggers:

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