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PaulinaHowfieldFaeries in New Zealand accompanied by ORBS

Faeries and ORBS

Faeries, orbs, lights in the night sky

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2 Responses to PaulinaHowfieldFaeries in New Zealand accompanied by ORBS

  1. lita says:

    wow, I have so many of these. lately, I have caught orbs with gold and blue plasma outta energy rings and small opaque solid white teardrop orbs and light beings or critter beings of some sort too big to be moths or spiders but definitely spider-like in the joints of the limbs you can see through them, they aren’t even in numbers though, and gold objects that arent solid in form or shape. faces and other phenomena. I’m wondering if the teardrop orbs are faries now. I have been having experiences for 3 years right now its pretty intense

  2. Paulina says:

    Hi Lita…Thanks for your comment. How exciting. I love getting images of different beings in my photos…and they are always so beautiful. I too have taken images of ‘critter like’ beings, spider energies and large moth like entities. In my images the faeries can come in a few different ways – orbs; beings with wings, beings with different coloured lights in them – like a rainbow; and sometimes tear drops…. They are generally not particularly solid. Re orbs I will be discussing these in more detail during a cosmic conversation in the next few weeks, so look out for it on my facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/paulina.howfield and also via a link on my talks page here on my website at https://www.matrixharmonics.com/about-us/conferences/

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