Remote and Distant Healing in December 2020

Remote and Distant Healing every Sunday and Wednesday in December

Every Sunday and Wednesday in December 2020 Paulina Howfield connected with the angels, spirit doctors, and cosmic and divine beings to send remote and distant healing, energy, prayers and help to whoever asked for it. The focus changed every session. Below is a sample of the information – from a few of those December Sessions – that she shared on facebook to those on the list.

If you are interested in her remote and distant healing, you can learn more here, or email her at, to find out how she can help you or your group.

Remote and Distant Healing 2nd December

On Wednesday 2nd December, the focus was people and animals. If a person or people, or any animals would benefit from healing and divine energies their name and location was placed under her FB post and they were included in the prayers and healing energies being sent out.

This information was shared on her facebook page on Wednesday 2nd December, after the Remote and Distant Healing was sent:

Today’s healing energies and prayers are travelling out across the ethers reaching into the energy templates and soul frequencies of those who are on my list. Many beings came forward to be in service, and every person and animal has received individual attention and healing.

Often in group healings, the individuals that make up the group energy have something in common, and many are inter-connected from other life times, particular constellations and different dimensions. The connection in this group is the ‘energetic effect’ of the journey through Sirius and the Sun to arrive into this particular 3D incarnation.

In case you are interested, the healing energies came from the Lion People; Crystal Beings; Sirius C; Arcturus; Pleiades; Archangel Raphael; and Eagle Medicine; as well as the violet and green rays. They also all received healing for their throat area and fifth chakra.

Remote and Distant Healing for 6th December

The focus for this group healing is mind, thoughts and emotions. Archangel Michael, Cosmic Beings and Ray Masters will be stepping forward in service, so anyone who wants healing and prayers for thinking patterns, fear, anxiety, depression, loneliness, loss, grief, stress, PTSD, and anything else you can think of, place your name/s under this post

This information was shared after the Healing was sent:

Healing energies and prayers are travelling out across the ethers reaching into the energy templates and soul frequencies of those who are on my list.

Archangel Michael stepped forward to be in service, as did Sekhmet and a Rose Quartz guardian. Two Arcturan spirit doctors also came in, as there were people on the list who‘d had injuries, shock and trauma from accidents, falls, and surgeries. Plus they are very good with healing mind programming!

There was also a lot of Horse energy around too, as I had spent a few hours in the morning healing and interacting with horses, and as always, they wanted to give something back. So, some of you may feel like you have a bit more ‘horse-power’ in your energy fuel tanks.

We also spent a lot of time sending healing and prayers to the energetic imprints of loss, grief, stress, fear, anxiety, depression and all kinds of mental programming within the human collective consciousness. This Wednesday’s healing will have a focus on joints, bones, muscles and soft tissue, which I will post more about tomorrow

Free Remote and Distant Healing for Wednesday 9th December

Tomorrow’s healing focuses on joints, bones, muscles and soft tissue, and includes the spine, hips, knees, wrists, shoulders, elbows, clavicles, ankles, tendons and ligaments. It will be relevant to issues in this life and past lives as well, and can be for people and animals. As usual there will be spirit doctors, angels, cosmic beings, guides and spirits animals stepping forward in service.

If you want to receive healing and prayers tomorrow (my time) and have not yet contacted me, please put your name and location below this post, or contact me by email. Writing your name and location shares a vibration and helps those in service in other realms connect with your energy template. If you want to identify the specific need you can also mention that too

Information sent out after Healing on 9th December:

What a blessing it was to be part of this healing today, as helpers from many dimensions and numerous species stepped forward to be in Service, with over 105 people and animals receiving individual attention and healing.

As I have mentioned before, often in group healings, the individuals that make up the group energy have something in common, and many are inter-connected from other life times, particular constellations and different dimensions. The connection in the group today was the Inquisition and Witch Hunts – a powerful and painful time for those living and dying in that era, or any other era that has a similar vibration.

Many healers, medicine people, homeopaths, herbalists and spirit doctors stepped forward to repair with plant and flower medicines, surgeries, body energy reparation, and emotional healing. They worked to heal all damages, pain and distress; and re-set and re-align old injuries. They also prayed to the beloved within.

Metatron came in as overseer and sent frequencies that re-aligned the sacred blueprint and geometric patterns in the body firmament of all those on the list. His focus was to help each person with their conscious ascension process. Goddess Sekhmet sent nurturing and support, Dolphins healers balanced water energies, St Germain arrived with the gift of the Violet Flame, and Mother Mary and Alara – a Rose Quartz Guardian, sent love and healing to the hearts and bodies of all those on the list. May your bones, skeletons, joints, tendons, ligaments, soft tissues, hearts, minds and emotions experience a difference.

Remote and Distant Healing and Prayers – Sunday 13th December

The focus will be ‘organs’ – skin, brain, eyes, lungs, heart, kidneys, pancreas, liver, and ‘systems’ – blood, lymph, endocrine, digestive and reproductive.

If you want to put yourself, or others, or any pets on the list, and haven’t yet let me know, please place your name under this post, include your location and, if you want, a little about the issue, or send it to me via email me at

I will send out the healing and prayers in the morning AEST – and post on Sunday afternoon my time, sharing how it went and who came forward in Service.

Information sent out after Remote and Distant Healing 13th December:

The healing energies and prayers generated today are moving out across the ethers to reach into the hearts, minds, organs and systems of those on the list.

It was an interesting gathering today, led by Metatron, and Archangel Raphael. Sekhmet, Saturn and Cronos also stepped in to help with betrayal, disappointment, loss and ravages of time.

A few crystal guardians stepped forward: the rose quartz guardian Alara worked to help love and peace infiltrate the cells; a Sodalite guardian came to help balance the mind and boost the immune system, as well as enhance the inner knowing and intuition of all that received healing; and a Selenite guardian stepped forward, to flood the bodies with Liquid Light to dispel negative energies, and bring calm and clarity to the mind.

The Selenite guardian and Cronos also helped with cord cutting for past lives and future lives, as a theme for this particular group was Karma and Retribution between the past and the present!

The celestial energies from Saturn are a strong influence at the moment, and so Cronos also sent energies to shine the light on issues, illnesses, thoughts and maladies that are connected to the karmic influences – as these influences have been impacting the health and well-being of the organs and systems of each body.

Each person on the list also received individual attention from Metatron to reinforce the blue print of the firmament, and Archangel Raphael worked with two spirit doctors to cleanse the kidney meridians and reduce inflammation in the bodies, which has been relevant to pain, heat and imbalance in the ‘organs’, and disorders in the subtle energy fields.

Paulina Howfield has been a healer, medium and channeller for many decades, and uses her skills to help the land, humans, animals, stones, rocks and trees. She also cleanses, repairs and heals houses and buildings. If you would like to learn more about her skills and what she does with Earth Energies and geo-mythic templates, go to her earth energy specialist pages, and also find out about her book ‘Remembering Isis‘ where she discusses her healing work at the Goddess Temples, and her Readings and Soul Whispers Cards. You can join her on facebook, or  linked in, listen to her speaking at cosmic conversations or talks and also sign up for her newsletter or blog to learn more.


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