Pay Attention To Your Thoughts

It is time to Pay Attention to your thoughts to discover WHO YOU REALLY ARE

You are not your thoughts yet they influence you in every moment

To fully recognise the influence your thoughts have on your daily life, you need to pay attention to your thoughts, as often as possible. This helps develop your awareness and brings your inner and outer worlds into alignment.

Pay attention to your thoughts

Thoughts Are not Who We Are, What Can We Do?

Bring your inner and outer worlds into alignment by ‘noticing’ or paying attention to your thoughts. First thing in the morning, when you wake up. Pay attention. Take note! What are the first thoughts you have? You are not judging or assessing them, just paying attention to what is present in the morning when you wake up and what your thoughts are. Then through the day, notice your thoughts – while at work, at home, when walking or sitting, when resting or exercising, when alone or in company.

Pay attention when you interact with others and notice where your thoughts go. How well do you listen to the other person? Are you sorting out your answer, thinking of a clever repartee, worrying about how you look or sound, and if they like you or you like them? Do your thoughts lead the conversation or do they distract you from being present? Are you in the moment with no thought, completely present in the now, or are you in the memory of the past, or in thoughts of the future?

Notice your thoughts in absolutely every moment – while you are eating, when you are relaxing, when you are reading, when you are using the computer, when you are watching a movie, when you are driving, when you are waiting in a line. When doing everything and anything, pay attention and discover where your thoughts lead you and what they rest on. You may be surprised by the lanes and pathways your thoughts take.

Paulina Howfield teaches about our relationship with the Soul and helps everybody to remember that we and the Earth are one. Click on these links if you would like to listen to her talks and speaking engagements or view her interviews. She also offers consultations in healing, space clearing, ghostbusting and land healing, and does readings with her Soul Whispers Cards which you can also purchase. You can also read her articles, view her blog, purchase her book, or join her on facebook

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