Healing Springs and Healing Water

Healing Water is a sacred aspect of Mother Earth, and she has given us access to her essences of water all over her body.

Whether we bathe in the waters, drink them, or sit in their vicinity with an open heart and mind, each body of healing water offers a unique frequency of healing, alignment and cleansing.

Many of the healing water sites are also enhanced by the devic energies, natural elements and cosmic guardians. Some, like Chalice Well in Glastonbury, have an extra something else as well, having been enlivened with the energetic stamp of an ancient and cosmic symbol.

As you can see in this picture, Chalice Well has a vesica piscis on the lid of the well, and also in the design of the lion fountain a few feet away. This symbol fosters healing of matter in the waters, and links us back to cosmic creation; the sacred geometry within our DNA; and the beginnings of all things in the physical world.

The healing water in this Well also opens our HEART Chakra, and many people make regular pilgrimages to the well and springs there to ‘fill their cup until it runneth over’ and then drink it and/or use it for healing – either by direct application to the subtle bodies or via energetic resonance. I love this sacred water so much that I took a picture of it for my ‘Healing Card’ image in my Soul Whispers Deck.

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