Remote Viewing Discovers A Phoenician Shipwreck

2,700 years ago a Phoenician merchant ship sank off the coast of Malta.
In December 1989 Paulina Howfield was remote viewing in the area,
and discovered the ship wreck.

remote viewing a Phoenician-Shipwreck

Paulina wasn’t actually looking for a boat, at the time she found it, but was psychically investigating any and all information connected to the real history of this planet and our cosmic human origins. She is a psychic and telepath trained in numerous disciplines including mediumship and remote viewing, and often uses these skills to interact with the Soul Consciousness of the Earth, Higher Consciousness Beings and Non-Human Intelligences to investigate the real truth of our planet and our cosmic origins. She often usesremote viewing to investigate places on this planet and in other galaxies to discover energy templates and imprints that affect Earth and influence humanity as we develop spiritual awareness and galactic consciousness.

When she came across the phoenician wreck, Paulina was sitting on a rocky outcrop following the energy patterns and investigating different beacons of light that kept appearing in the cosmic fields. The brightest beacon she interacted with led her underwater, where she clearly ‘saw’ the wreck, with the pots and debris all around. She estimated that estimated that water was about 350 feet deep, and the ship had sunk around 720 BC.

Image of Phoenician shipwreck found via remote viewing Taking in what she ‘saw’ and making mental notes of the layers of energy that she was discovering, Paulina psychically investigated the wreck, and the energy patterns. She also interacted with the ghost of an ancient mariner…. those of you who have read her book, may remember the story of her discovery of a Turkish Galleon and experiences with the ancient mariner. This was actually a disguised story of the Phoenician Boat.

Paulina didn’t want to disguise that find in her book, and distort the truth, but she was asked to do so by the masters, guardians and other beings who wanted to make sure that the energy templates she had worked with in the area, would be secure to ‘run their frequencies’ without human interference until the time was right – a ‘time’ in the future, when the collective consciousness was vibrating at a frequency where the historic information and energetic imprints held within the wreck, would not get damaged or unwittingly destroyed.

Over the years since her discovery, the image she saw upon the ocean floor has stayed with her, and she sometimes wondered if it would actually be physically found, either through science or other means in her life time. She was intrigued then, just a few months ago, to see the ‘picture’ that she had preserved in her memory, appear online. Intrigued, Paulina went to the website to investigate and there for all to see was a picture of the Phoenician wreck that she had discovered so many years ago.

In 2007, eighteen years after she found the wreck through remote viewing, a team from the French National Research Agency conducted a seabed survey in the area, and detected sonar anomalies at a depth of 360 ft. They investigated, found the shipwreck and took photos.

remote viewing discovers Phoenician wreck Many explorations have occurred since, and things have also been removed (perhaps you can understand why her galactic friends and the Earth herself wanted to protect it?). Science has also dated it back to 700 BC, which is interesting to Paulina, as she was only 10 feet out in her estimate of its depth, and just 20 years out of their calculations of when it sank.

To date, there have only been seven Phoenician shipwrecks discovered in the Mediterranean, and each of them is helping science and archaeology create a better picture of what really happened on this planet and when. The shipwreck Paulina remote viewed, is the only one so far to be found deeper than 330 feet below the surface, so it is providing a unique opportunity for marine archaeologists and scientists to explore how the Phoenicians (who are the direct descendants of the Canaanites), moved around the oceans, where they went, what they carried and who could have been on board.

While Paulina is fairly certain that the scientists and investigators would not be interested in the ghost of the ancient mariner that she discovered, and what he shared with her about what his life was like and what he was doing, she still lives in hope that one day relatively soon, such mainstream discoveries will incorporate psychic and clairvoyant investigations, as they can be pretty exact and help create a dynamic picture of history that includes numerous energetic fields with potent and important information in them.

In the meantime, Paulina is happy to know that the energy work she did in the company of the beings from other realms was successful, and was fully working and undamageable within less than eighteen years. Plus, now she can share the truth of that particular story and what kind of boat she really discovered while remote viewing off the coast of Malta so long ago.

Paulina Howfield (also known as the Earth Whisperer) is a medium, clairvoyant, healer, therapist and Earth Energy Specialist. She has been interacting with the Soul Consciousness, Energetic Grids and Geomythic Templates since the 1980s and teaches about our collective spiritual awakening, the divine feminine, our ancient cosmic origins, and galactic consciousness. She teaches and speaks all over the world, about our relationship with the Earth and helps everybody to remember that we and the Earth are one. Click on these links if you would like to listen to her talks and speaking engagements or view her interviews. She also offers consultations in healing, space clearingghostbusting and land healing, and does readings with her Soul Whispers Cards which you can also purchase. You can also read her articles, view her blog, purchase her book, or join her on facebook

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