The Collective Spiritual Awakening and The Harmonic Convergence

The Harmonic Convergence on August 16-17, 1987 was a time of activations that triggered the Collective Spiritual Awakening and what we see and feel taking place in the world right now is connected to what we did back then.

the collective spiritual awakening triggered by the harmonic convergence

It’s incredible that it was 34 years ago today that many thousands of us gathered all over the planet to meditate and perform ceremonies at sacred sites and ancient temples as part of the Harmonic Convergence.

The two days of Harmonic Convergence are often known as the ‘Global Peace Meditations’, described as people coming together with Consciousness, in harmony and community, to infuse love and light into this planet and the collective consciousness of humanity. In reality though, there were actually many esoteric layers to the gathering and the reasons why people took part, and one of the ‘esoteric layers’ of the global gatherings was its purpose in being an activation device for the collective spiritual awakening of humanity.

So today, on this 34th anniversary of the activations of the collective spiritual awakening of humanity, what is happening on our planet right now is part of the ‘conscious liberation of the collective shadow’ that is in part a result of these very activations.

It has taken thirty-four years of ‘letting in the light’ and ‘infusing love’ in as many places as possible, for the collective shadow to be able to be exposed everywhere on this planet at the same time.

It has taken thirty-four years for the collective and individual ‘un-owned’, ‘un-expressed’ and ‘un-acknowledged’ darkness, abuse, oppression and violence to be exposed for deep cleaning.

What a shame it came to this! Yet also what a blessing, as the effects of our ‘unconsciousness’ can be more fully experienced and in return cleansed by all.

Everything in this universe and on this planet is inter-connected – from the smallest amoeba to the largest constellation. To fully clear all that prevents us from being liberated and whole, we are being prompted to fully see, feel and acknowledge the shadow of our human experiences and to fully understand how every living thing on this planet, as well as the planet herself is affected by what we do, think, and feel.

Mother Earth knows this; the beings that visit us and share their wisdom know this; the animals, birds and trees know this; the water, fire and air know this; and the ether is full of this information. Now we humans just have to ‘know’ it too, and feel it deep in our hearts, as we decide what we want to co-create together… matter how long it takes, and no matter what has to be exposed in this journey of collective spiritual awakening.

Paulina Howfield (also known as the Earth Whisperer) is a medium, clairvoyant, healer, therapist and Earth Energy Specialist. She has been interacting with the Soul Consciousness, Energetic Grids and Geomythic Templates since the 1980s and teaches about our collective spiritual awakening, the divine feminine, our ancient cosmic origins, and galactic consciousness. You can interact with her via email at the contact page, join her on facebook, and listen to her talks. She offers numerous consultations related to Earth, Consciousness, Therapy and Healing, has written a book about her energy work, and created a Soul Whispers Card Deck

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