Remote Viewing and Land Healing

Remote Viewing and Land Healing Services

I often get asked to do remote viewing and land healing for people, animals, and their land. My service can be delivered all over the world and also out into the galaxies, as this kind of work is not limited by the physical at all. Often times I am asked to clear a parcel of land when people purchase it, or want to re-build on it. Sometimes I get asked to clear entities and ghosts that are troubling children and animals, and often I am called in to balance and repair places that have a combination of issues.

Recently I interacted with some land that had a tumultuous and yet also interesting history. It had imprints from some very violent eras in mainstream history connected to enslavement, murder, abuse and massacre.

Black goo had built up in one area and was affecting one of the properties on the land, and a nearby water reservoir. The goo had also affected a galactic energy portal that was spewing out and sucking in all kinds of energy at all times of the day.

All these ‘imprints’, the goo, and the ‘beings’ that had accumulated, needed cleansing, balancing and aligning – because all of these were affecting the natural world, the Earth energies, the habitats, and the people and animals who reside there.

The good news is, that this parcel of land, on an island far, far away, also contains some very cosmic information that is connected to particular planetary constellations, all of which helps those who live and visit there to lift their frequencies and resonate at galactic frequencies.

As a result of the remote viewing and land healing, and the clearing and aligning, the land is back to its original resonance and not part of the mainstream 3D reality. The land, the natural world, the habitats and residences, animals and humans are no longer impacted by emfs, imprints and frequencies that cause sickness, depression, anxiety and more; the black goo has gone; the star portal is stable; and all the ghosts and disembodied entities have left.

If you want to know more about the remote viewing and land healing, ghost-busting and space clearing Services that Paulina delivers, view the links below. If you want to discuss her Services with her to find out how she can help your particular needs, contact her by email via the contact page and she will respond as soon as possible.

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