Talks in New Zealand – June 2010

Paulina’s Workshops and Talks in New Zealand

Join her as  she discusses her latest Research into Earth Energies and Planetary Consciousness

Talk: Kaiwake, New Zealand, June 2010

Earth energy talks in new zealand

Earth Energies

Evening Talk and Meditation
ODD SOX CAFE, Kaiwake, New Zealand
Date and Time: Sunday 2oth June, 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm
Entry Fee: $NZ10

‘Interacting with Earth’s Subtle Bodies, Sacred Sites and Visionary Geography’: In this 2 hour presentation Paulina will define and discuss her role as a Grid Engineer, explain how she interacts with the elemental and devic realms, and answer questions. She will also lead a group meditation to link into the energies of the Solstice.

Talk: Keri Keri, New Zealand, June 2010

Afternoon Talk and Group Meditation:
Venue: Masonic Hall, Keri Keri, New Zealand
Date and Time: Saturday 26th June, 1.30

1 hour presentation discussing the incoming energies of the Grand Cross and how its influencing the way we think, feel and act. Twenty minutes meditation to align with the energies of the new healing room of the Sun.

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