Full Moon and Equinox

I was recently in the Stirling Ranges for the Full Moon and Equinox

Stirling Ranges full moon and equinox

Full moon and equinox

Everything was in full bloom and felt abundant as this year’s wildflowers radiated their colour and scents across the landscape. The weather was great – even with the rainy bits – which made interacting with the Earth Energies, Stone People and Elementals very enjoyable. The Stone People had a lot to say during this Full Moon and Equinox.

The land in this area was once joined to Antarctica and as the Earth Changes continue energies, entities and elementals that have lain dormant are starting to become more active. They are getting ready to move, not just on the surface but underground. These movements are important in the re-connecting and stabilising of the Earth Grid and many of the Stone People are happy as it enables them to have a stronger connection with their homeplace on this planet. In the next few weeks they would like assistance in some of their stabilising, so will keep you posted.

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