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Hello and Welcome to the February 2011 Newsletter

This is the first Newsletter for 2011 which I trust finds you well and happy.
In esoteric circles, this is the year for the Embodiment of Lightworkers, when many
people will awaken to their spiritual essence and embody their role in the greater
unfolding plan. This is great news for Earth and humanity and the shimmering effect
of our growing light shines brightly on this planet and in the ethers. It is a great time
to be present and living in harmony with the Earth and each other, and I wish you well
as you travel your path in the days, weeks and months ahead that lead us ever closer to
the prophecies of 2012.

While I don’t align with the viewpoint that everything will change at a certain time and
date in 2012, I do believe that the encoding in our DNA around these prophecies has been
influencing us for a long time and will continue to influence humanity as a collective
species for many years to come.

Earth’s hertz frequency continues to elevate, the Christ Grid is active and The Unity
Consciousness Grid continues to align. The elevation of the Earth’s vibration is affecting
us on a daily basis, as our individual and collective experience of ‘form’ and ‘matter’
changes and our once lineal concepts of time become less ‘normal’. We are in effect
gradually moving into a collective awareness that all time is NOW.

We are also gaining more understanding, awareness and experience of synchronicity and
intuitive insight, PLUS there is a global pull to become more holistic and right brained in
our approach to living and interacting with the Earth. So I encourage each of you to follow
your particular calling with passion, and engage with all you are asked to do with integrity
and purpose.

This year it is time for me to continue with a placement and alignment of energies that I
started many years ago in the UK and Europe. So from the end of March I will be in that part
of the world working with people, interacting with the Earth energies and connecting with
whatever the Crop Circles bring us.

I will be doing Talks, Training Workshops, Individual Consultations and Earth Energy Tours
in that part of the world till the end of May and look forward to seeing you there. To find out
more about the growing schedule read the Upcoming Events section below.

Business News

  • If you would like a brochure regarding any of the 2011/12 Tours email me at
    phowfield@hotmail.com and I will send you a PDF copy.
  • At the website there is a Newsletter page to read and respond to, (so if you have
    something to say about the energies of this year or other things you have
    experienced, leave a message there, or you can send me an email and I will post
    it for you). You can also make comments on the Facebook page.
  • Archived Articles and Audio Interviews are currently not accessible on the website
    – they will be up soon – upon completion of a free Online Membership Section due
    to be working by the end of February 2011.

Upcoming Events 2011


UK PROBE Conference Saturday 26th March (2pm – 3pm) ST Annes, BLACKPOOL – A one
hour presentation at a two day conference. I will be discussing the Cosmic Agenda for Earth
Changes, my work as a grid engineer, and showing images and explaining some of
my recent work with Dragon Lines and Lemurian energies in Peru and New Zealand. I will
also have paintings, and CD’s of Talks and Meditations available for purchase.


‘Singing with the Angels’ Saturday 2nd April (9am – 5pm) Stirling, Scotland – Using sound
and colour we raise the vibrations of the body to interact and ‘Sing With the Angels’–
you do not have to be able to sing to attend this workshop!

‘Pathway to the Stars’ Saturday 16th April (10am – 5pm) Belfast, Ireland – Metaphysical
and Esoteric Training to learn how to use the body as a portal to travel the ancient
pathways to connect with the cosmic self; and interact with other dimensions and
beings from other galaxies.

‘Grid Engineering Training’ Saturday 23rd April (9am to 5pm)– London – A one day Training
workshop that combines the two principle courses in my Earth Energy Consciousness
Training Programme (more information on website), to prepare participants for upcoming
Earth Tours, Pilgrimages and Earth Energy Workshops.

Earth Pilgrimages and Crop Circle Tours

‘Interacting with the Geomythic Landscape of Ancient Avalon’ 1st to 6th May – Five days
Pilgrimage of Transformation interacting with the ancient sites and Earth Energies that are
geomythically connected to the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

‘Crop Circle Interactions’ Thursday 19th May (10am – 9pm) Southwest UK – One day tour to
experience and interact with Crop Circles.

‘Re-birthing the Thames’ Saturday 21st May (10am – 5pm) London – One day discovery tour
of some of the ancient sacred sites along the Thames River and in the East end
area of London.

Product Information

All merchandise can be purchased via the contact page on my website. A selection
will also be available at all talks and workshops. To receive a Catalogue of Artwork and
Merchandise, make a purchase or request a an ART Commission contact me at


A selection of Images from the ‘Earth Healing I to V’, ‘Spiral’ and ‘Sea Goddess’ sections
can be purchased as prints in A4 and A3 sizes on gloss or matt paper

Greeting Cards:

These can be purchased individually or in packs of four. There are currently four sets

◙ Earth Healing 1 ◙ Earth Healing 2
◙ Abstract ◙ Pilbara Trees

Bookmarks and Magnets:

Images to brighten up your reading experience and lift and harmonise the energies
of your house


(On all Orders received by 28th February)

GREETING CARDS (Sets of 4)……………………………. $8.50 (Plus P&P)

A3 IMAGES (Matt or Gloss)……………………………… $65.00 (Plus P&P)

Ascension Issues and Processes

Ascension issues and helpful processes are at the top of the Agenda in 2011
as the quickening within our lightbodies continues and our push to let go and let
love deepens.

Earth is Ascending. The Solar System is Ascending. The Galaxy is Ascending. The
Universe is Ascending. We are supposed to Ascend together, as ONE BEING and the
push is for everyone to become an Ascended Master, sooner or later, as that is the way
back up the stairway to heaven. So if you feel drawn to it NOW, activate your chakras,
focus on increasing your personal physical frequency and drop into living in the heart
in love.

As you do, notice the change within you and others. Watch your anger and fear drop
away and see the expression of love within you, mirrored in the world at large.

Keep your focus on the present moment, and let the Universe bless you with miracles.
We have no power in the future because it is the present moment that matters.

Techniques for Grounding Energies While Ascending

Some people are finding it difficult to ground and stablise their energies, reduce the
feelings of adrenalin, and get enough sleep. Here are two things that can help –
depending on your individual make-up, vibration, cosmic ancestry and frequency.

1. Locate, and sing or hum the TONE of the grounding vibration that is particular for you.
Then anchor the Ray colour of this hum/tone through the ‘physical, emotional or mental’
embodiment (whichever one or ones that resonate) and connect with the Master Ray of that
colour. Hum or tone the vibration and work with the Ray Master to ground – and
simultaneously elevate – your energy frequency. It discharges, stabilises and clears your
energies at the same time. Establish how often you need to this and then do it accordingly

2. Find the SEAT of your energy field (the oscillation point) and put your attention there –
even in the stillness there is always movement. Try it and see if it works for you – focusing
your attention on the stillness of the oscillation point, should help stop the wobble and the
high adrenalin feeling.


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