Taniwha – Earth and Water Healing

Healing the Energies of Water and Interacting With The Legendary Taniwha

Taniwha energies at a toxic swampAt the full moon, I was called to interact with an area of coastline and reclaimed swamp that was out of balance and needed attention. I was called to this work by one of my allies in the spiritual world – a Taniwha. (He told me that the waterways were suffering from pollution – from chemical pesticides, sprayed to kill mosquito larvae and too many people living in an area meant for fishing and sea life.) Together we worked to get the energy flowing and create a mantle of protection from the pesticides.

What is a Taniwha?

Taniwha live in the sea, rivers, pools, swamps and underwater caves. They have the ability to shape shift and in the water can appear as sharks, giant squids, or big sea snakes, while on land they can turn into numerous beings including giant lizards or dragons.

These legendary Maori beings are perceived as hostile beings as well as guardians of individuals or tribes. While they were considered dangerous beasts, when treated with respect by humans Taniwha can be their guardians.

From a more spiritual point of view the Taniwha is considered a connection between the human life on earth and the spiritual world of the gods, ancestors and stars. In this way, Taniwha function as a link between common daily life and ancestral heritage.

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