Mayan Calendar – 1 Lamat/Rabbit 13 day cycle

Mayan Calendar – 1 Lamat/Rabbit – Tomorrow (the 2nd July, 2012) is the first day of a new Trecena (13 day cycle) in the Mayan Calendar. This DAY SIGN will influence the next 13 days.

What is mayan calendar – 1 Lamat/Rabbit? – Lamat speaks of new beginnings and fertility and to keep working towards birthing the new self as this is part of the journey we must venture to move forward authentically.

mayan calendar - 1 Lamat

Mayan Calendar – 1 lamat/rabbit

In the next 13 days Lamat forewarns us, that past events, situations and or people will resurface to challenge our strength and clarity as this is an opportunity to clear what needs to be cleared so we can move forward in the new direction many of us have worked hard for. It calls for us to be still and pay attention to the energy we will be walking into for the next 13 days.

Past emotional patterns will be provoked at this time and Lamat/Rabbit reminds us to use our awareness, strength and clarity to move through the challenge to come.

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